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Constipation and Acne

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We are always told to drink lots of water in order to cleanse our body and remove any toxins that could cause acne. Am i right in thinking the majority of water we drink is removed through urination?

If this is the case then surely having regular bowel movements is also key to improving acne. I drink a lot of water (around 3 litres a day) and therefore urinate regularly. However, my bowel movements are not so regular and not as, erm, fluent as they perhaps should be :rolleyes:

How can this be improved, or does it even matter?


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Also have a tend to constipation.

Im drinking hot water if i can. Cuz it feels like its streaming more in your body and not going straight into the toilet.

Dont know how it effects my acne. I think it wont matter that much. Cuz food doesnt cleanse it brings in the toxins i guess. Probably its better if you try to inprove your gut. Cuz less toxics and more helpfull stuff will go in your body. Maybe you can try to look at great acne treatment actually the best. In this forum. Its about gut dysbiosis, it comes with diaria or constipation mostly.

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Thanks man, i'll look into drinking warm water but i'm sure it won't taste very pleasant.

I'll have a peek into this gut dysbiosis thing aswell, i am really looking into solving my acne problem internally and it sounds like it could help.

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looked not really good in the warm water thing. Doesnt have that much of an effect. But warm water will be slower hydration, faster bloodstream etc... , sweating. Dont drink it to hot thought you will burn yourself :P It doesnt taste that bad actually, but i like water a lot so thats prob why...

Ye im still waiting for people who try this stuff for the gut diabosis, really hope its a wonder thing. Would be almost to good for words. If there are like 4 reactions to it that are good i prob will order it.

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Drinking warm/hot water is actually easier on your liver too. I drink hot water with stevia sweetner. It's not sugar and it's not artificial, it's an herb that is very sweet.

You could look into natural colon cleansing regarding your constipation. Google bentonite clay, there is all sorts of information online.

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