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I wanted to tell everybody - THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ADVICE, TIPS, SYMPATHY, ETC!!

I woke up today to NO ACTIVE ACNE for the first time in at least 2.5 months. I used to have relatively rare problems, in the past suffering from some cystic acne but then I went at least a year without seeing any of those... but a couple of months ago, all hell broke loose. I had at one point at least 12 cysts. OMG! I found this site, lurked for a while, and finally joined. I am so glad I did! I've implemented pieces of a lot of other people's personal programs, and I am healing finally! I know it's probably not over yet, but this is a major milestone to wake up and actually be able to smile at my reflection. I definitely have scars to deal with but that's ok - I can handle that! At least I know I'm on the road to recovery.

I never put it together that dairy could be affecting me because I've always loved dairy and apparently I didn't take in so much that it would immediately trigger a problem. But a few days without consuming milk, cheese or chocolate (including, yes, the evil Muscle Milk - chocolate flavor - protein replacement) and here I am, looking at a much healthier face. I am going to continue with the extra vitamins, minerals, and new cleansing methods. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be reporting that it's OVER and I'm cured! LOL! I am sure I'll have a few set backs, but at least I feel this thing called HOPE finally!

Current vitamins: menopausal multi-pack from GNC, evening primrose oil, zinc, no-flush niacin, vitamin D, E, A, melatonin. Face wash: cetaphil 1-2x a day; Vitamin E Oil (watered down) to remove makeup. Moisturizer: cetaphil as needed. Retin-A at bedtime. PSF Antibacterial Enzyme Gel 2x a day. Will add Rooibos tea when it gets here & Jojoba Oil as well to replace the vitamin E oil. For now, still having green tea, yerbe mate tea, or detox tea. Switched to all soy milk products and protein replacements in vanilla flavors. No chocolate!

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