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DermaRoller and ACV combination therapy

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Hey Guys,

I wanted to share some of my success with you.

So I was having some success just with ACV(scars appeared smoother, pores appeared to close, etc.) but it wasn't great at the ice pick scars or the rolling scars. however, when i started coupling ACV to dermarolling, I'm starting to see some success. What appears to be filling of the rolling scars and ice pick scars. the rolling scars so far have shown more improvement, but the ice pick scars are also improving.

so here is my method, you can try it if you like:

1. sterilize your dermaroller with 70% ethanol(isopropanol, or bleach then h20)use a .5 mm dermaroller, roll fairly aggressively until you see lots of blood from the little holes you are punching in your skin.

2. apply 5% ACV(market quality) to your scarred areas and feel the burn. wait until the pain is kinda unbearable and then rinse the ACV off your face with tap water. after about 10 to 15 min your treated area will look pretty red. don't worry, just go to sleep. the next morning, it's stilll red but not unsightly unbearable. you can also tell some of your scars have started to either appear a little less depressed, this could either be from swelling or broken up scar tissue that allowed your scars to rise, much akin to the saline treatment that relies on water influx under your scar tissue to break up the scar tissue immediately after treatment.

3. wait about a week, then repeat this procedure.

4. also, take a multivitamin, you're gonna need any factor that might pertain to skin remodeling, so just take a multivitamin. also take omega-3 as i think stressed skin means more oil production. i don't know if this is true, but it's worked for me to control any excess oil production i might have from right after the treatment.

hope it works for you guys! keep everyone posted if it does.


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