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Hey all. Brief background on me -

I'm a 20 year old guy and I had moderate acne all through high school and went on accutane my first year of college. It cleared everything up after the 5 month treatment and i was clear for a whole year. In July 09, I noticed the whitehead problem on my chin was back and I had whiteheads on my cheeks as well. No inflammed zits at this time. I got on the Regimen in August and have been on it ever since. I've haven't missed an application of the regimen in over a month or a month and a half now.

Currently, i usually have about 2 inflammed zits or pustules at any given time somewhere on my lower cheeks or jawline, or my temples and the whiteheads on my chin. My cheeks seemed to clear up from the regimen mostly.. but that was a while back so I'm not sure how bad it really was.

I did notice that around the time I noticed things reappearing I had tried marijuana for the first time and everytime I did it after that I generally had a big inflammed pimple the next day. I've quit that two months ago and haven't had any huge pimples again really. I was dealing with some girl related drama from July to mid October as well but that has also subsided.

I eat very healthy generally, no dairy or 'white' anything and excersise daily. I'm still in college so I have some stress with school but it doesn't really bother me I don't think. I usually get 7-8 hours of generally. My appetite has increased since this summer due to working out and studying so I have increased my caloric intake. I usually take a whey protein supplement as a source of protein for weightlifting and I tend to eat a vegetarian diet. I also never pick or touch my face.

Anyway. That's most of my recent story I think. If anyone has any thoughts to help me out with this lingering acne problem that the regimen seemingly won't kick, I'd appreciate it. I'm somewhat considering quitting the regimen after mid-january or so to see if it's doing anything. I didn't have a problem with inflammed ance at all before the regimen and now I always have a zit or two somewhere.

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After reading some more threads, I've decided to quit whey protein for a while. I started using it in June and lifting, noticed some whiteheads in july then it seems there's more now....all while on protein. Hmm.... we'll see! Better eat more fish now - yuim!

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Good news. No more breakouts. I quit the whey protein about 2 weeks ago and quit the regimen entirely 6 days ago. Zero breakouts. I'm convinced along with protein and then aggravating my face with the regimen, i was breaking out. I just wasted like 4 months worrying.

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