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Really flaky skin

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Ok, so I started way too fast on the Regimen, my bad (kinda stupid really) :(

Anyway, I now have horrendously dry flaky skin around my jaw and nose. If I yawn, the skin cracks - it is really tight.

I have been applying tons of moisturiser since yesterday and it seems to be helping a little - but what else can I do?

I am just using a simple moisturiser, but I also have stuff called Diprobase which I have from when I had psoriasis - is it worth trying that, or will that not help? Or Sudocrem?

And what can I do with the flaking? Should I help with flaking it off, or leave it? And is there a good way for removing flaky skin without annoying my skin (I know scrubbing etc is bad)

Thanks in advance, I'm a bit lost.

- I have kinda an important day tomorrow, and I'm just worried that I'm going to look terrible for it - had this horribly dry flaky skin for all of today and yesterday.

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Right now, your best bet is to just keep moisturizing and give your skin a chance to recover. Don't use any BP or treatments or anything. Just be gentle with your skin while it heals. And, although I know it's tempting, don't pick at the flakes.

If they're really getting to you, you could try the baby brush method or exfoliating with jojoba oil, but make sure you're being very gentle.

Once your skin has recovered, you can try starting again with a very small amount of BP. (You can see how much BP to use here.)

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