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So I've had acne for about 3 years now, I'm Male, 18 and from the UK. I'm currently on the regimen and have been for about a year aswell as other medication. I'm admittedly one of those people who try a lot of solutions for acne regularly but i've constantly used Benozyl Peroxide throughout the 3 years.

Because of this it has been quite difficult to keep track of my progress and what medication is better than others. However, over the yeas I have always had one major constant, which is, to put simply:

In Winter - Acne worsens.

In Summer - Acne improves.

I class 'Winter' in this sense as anywhere from the Start of October - End of March and 'Summer' as beginning of April - End of September.

The winter 08/09 was my worst ever period in terms of acne, it was moderatley severe for the most part with the main problem areas being my cheeks and chin. Throughout this period I was on a medication called 'Zineryt' given to me by my doctor which is a liquid solution containing zinc applied to the skin as well as bp and loads of water.

Going into Summer 09 i kept with this routine and my acne improved immensley and by July i was pretty much 100% clear with just red marks to deal with.

However, this September once again the acne started reappeared even though I WASN'T CHANGING MY ROUTINE AT ALL. I'd say the only difference between the july and september is i'd started college which takes up a lot of my day from 9-4. Apart from that nothing changes.

Now we are in December my acne is right back to square one again as it was a year ago. But here's the really annoying thing. Last summer when my acne was improving greatly I was only using bp at night. Now, I'm using it morning and night along with several suplements, ACV and Minocycline and it is still worsening! This is the thing that's really bothering me, I am doing a lot of stuff that is supposedly helping my skin yet it gets progressivley worse.

What I guess I'm asking is does anybody else experience this pattern. Could it really be that the natural effects of Summer help me more than any medication could or am I doing something drastically wrong when it comes to Winter. Thanks guys.

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Im from London, and I love different the seasons In UK, anyway, like you, I found that my skin became worse during the colder months which is a bit of a pain in the arse as the UK is renowned for being cold all year round.

When I am abroad my skin looks great as the tan disguises the scars and the spots dont spring up that often.

The way I combated this was by buying my self a facial tanner from Argos, it was £50 and I use it when ever I feel rough.

I don't use sun beds as it is obviously way too dangerous and your tanning your whole body (The face tanner isn't as strong as a professional tanning bed), and also I dont like going out with out a bit of make up on.

Im going to buy some vit A tomo on someones recommendation, I did some research of my own and I heard it works like a low does accutane pill. (It is also a skin healing vitamin)

Just thought id let you know as it is now cold and we need something extra to help us through winter.


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hey there,

last summer i actually used a moisturiser a bit like that. It was something from Garnier called 'summerbody'. It was mostly a moisturiser but included 'a hint of tanning ingredient'. I must say it helped improve the red marks on my skin. However, as i am quite pale it made me look a bit too tanned if i used too much and that was in summer! The last thing I want is someone turning around at college and saying 'dude have you been using fake tan?'

I also use vit a supplements but i probably don't take enough to induce much change in my skin. How many pills are you gonna take or what dose? :)

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I am going to get mine from Revital (Always buy good quality supplements for maxmum benefit), each tablet is 5,000 iu (£10.99 for 100), so I guess I will be taking one a day for a month and if I see no improvement after that time I will up it to two a day as it is considered 'tolerable'

After all the research I found this, there was quite a lot of information about how much is a safe dose but I consider this to be quite repetitive throughout the pages I browse.

'The daily value for vitamin A for an adults is 5,000 IU (international units). The recommended dietary allowance for vitamin A is 900 miligrams per day or 3,000 IU per day.

The tolerable upper level of vitamin A for adults is 10,000 IU per day. Excess dosages of vitamin A can cause liver toxicity, birth defects and/or nausea'

How much do you take?

I read a really interesting piece that I am trying to find for you, if I do I will post it here.

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I just get the cheap version from Boots. Maybe that's where i'm going wrong!

The packaging that the supplements are in tells me that 2 tablets is equivalent to the recomended daily value. So i guess i'm taking 5,000 IU.

However, from reading posts about supplements on this site I thik you have to take a lot more than the recomended daily value in order to improve acne over time.

For instance I concentrate mainlt on Zinc and Vitamin C. I take 60mg Zinc (twice the daily reccomended daily allowance) and 1,000 mg of Vit C which is waaay over what is reccomended by doctors.

I wish I knew if Vitamin A would be more helpful than Zinc or Vitamin C, particularly during winter.

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I just found this also:

Vitamin for Acne Recommendations

Vitamin A, vitamin e, vitamin c and zinc are particularly important vitamin for acne that ften showing up as a deficiency. Other non vitamin antioxidants can also help. So MSM (natural sulpher) is an excellent choice for problem skin. Indeed it is often used by people without acne who just want to maintain or improve the condition of their skin.

Vitamin A taken at greater doses than the recommended daily allowance should only be done under qualified supervision, and should not be done by pregnant women.

Zinc - 30 - 80 mg daily.

Vitamin C - 3000 - 5000 mg daily.

Vitamin E - 400IU daily.

If taking a good multi vitamin for acne (which is recommended so you get a balance of b vitamins and other nutrients), subtract the amount supplied in your multi vitamin and take additional vitamin e and c and zinc as required.

If you are taking any antibiotics with your vitamin for acne, make sure you take a good acidophilus supplement to repopulate the good bacteria in your bowel. It will help prevent thrush and other problems.

Also, copy and paste this link


its worth a look

I haven't taken vit A yet so this isn't a tried and tested method for me to comment on, but I have read (IM A NERD WHEN IT COMES TO ACNE)that if you was to take any vitamin for acne, vitamin A is the one that you must take above all the others inc. Vit c, zinc and B6.

I have to get back to work, im lurking on this site for far too long!

all the best and let me know how it goes.

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About what you are using in winter. You ma want to lessen how much bp you use, b/c it is probably drying out your skin so much along with cold that your skin is making it up for it and creating more oils and breaking you out. And ACV is a natural toner, and although i use to love toners, this is just another drying agent that is doing more harm than good. I would not use it.

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i notice that when it's cold outside, i guess my skin tightens and my skin gets very bumpy and i look like i've exploded in fleshy pimples. i hate cold weather, and I live in canada so it's cold 80% of the year. boooourns. it's like there's crap underneath that's hidden when it warm but when it's cold and the skin contracts it will show.

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