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All this baby brush talk

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Hey guys n gals !

in need of some help please :)

Been a while since ive posted!

my face has cleared up quite well in terms of no new spots forming. only problem i have had is some nodules. if I leave them they always go away but they hurt under my skin :( and when i get stressed I try and squeeze them... which of course leads to marks and frustration..


since my face is covered in hyper pigmentation from the bad year I have had with acne, I have been left with tiny dark spots all over my cheeks/chin from where I have picked or popped a spot.

my skin type I have is combination, I have dry skin around my chin and cheeks and get a fairly light oily forehead.

so i have come across some threads about baby brushes and it sounds quite promising, however when i tried to ex-foliate before with this http://www.feelunique.com/p/LOreal-Men-Exp...Scrub-60ml.html

my skin would end up even more dry and spots would break out. and i dont like using moisturiser because that seems to break me out to... !!!

i bought this > http://www.mankind.co.uk/Dermalogica-Delux...rush-PRODDAHF2/

a long time ago and never really used it because i was convinced it gave me more spots some how, like maybe because i didnt clean it, and bacteria lived on it.. :S

but as far as i can tell this brush is pretty much an equivalent to a baby brush. the bristles are very very soft.

so what can i do? should i use a moisturiser after using the brush and my exfoliant paste ? or just use the brush with water in the shower?

:( very confused

also to add! i have heard that aloe vera aggravates people with acne prone skin.

and this I believe is true, since a while back i used to slap it all over my face and in the morning i would have little white heads pop up

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