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Hey I am a 20 year old female battling moderate acne. I have had oily skin and acne since age 13 and unfortunately in the past year my acne has flared up. I ordered some supplements from GNC last night and I was hoping for some feedback on them as well as my diet.

I love food in general which works for me because I enjoy healthy foods as much as I like rich/unhealthy food. I'm consciously avoiding bad sugar so my diet mostly consists of:

eggs: I eat them so often they've got to be their own group; usually 1 egg and 1 egg white in the morning, two-three egg whites with dinner (I trust egg whites lol)

fruit: grapefruit, apples, bananas, mangos, olives, dried plums/dates

vegetables: spinach, carrots, onions, cauliflower, potatoes once in a while (I think this is bad), tomatoes, broccoli

meats: turkey (I try to stick with the fresh deli kind), grilled chicken, beef once in a while

nuts: about two handfuls a day of almonds/walnuts/pistachios

drinks: I drink half decaf/half caf coffee in the mornings with 2% milk and a tsp of hazelnut coffee mate, about 3 pints (5-6 glasses) of water a day usually mixed with a green tea/splenda powder or some type of crystal light

My splurges: toasted whole wheat bread and peanut butter, oatmeal cookies, milk and cereal (honey bunches of oats, frosted mini wheats), hot chocolate, grilled cheese

I'll splurge once in a few days, usually one from this list

I cook for myself often and I never use salt. I use spices: turmeric, chili powder, garlic powder, oregano, cinnamon, black pepper

I'm living at home at the moment and I eat my mom's traditional Indian cooking about three three-four nights a week. The meals usually consist of chicken/beef/potatoes in a curry made with tomatoes/onion/garlic and spiced with turmeric/chili pepper. The dishes are served with Rice, or Roti which is made by mixing whole wheat flour and water into a dough, flattening a ball of the dough to the size of CD and cooking over a flame. I avoid the rice and usually eat half of one Roti with the main course. I also eat a cup of plain yogurt with the meals.

Phew that was tedious but I tried to be as detailed as I could (it's also 3 AM and I'm getting tired)

I take a multi right now and I ordered some supplements from GNC.

I'm planning to take:


Fish Oil

Vitamin D

Calcium + Magnesium

Soy Protein Powder (I'm starting to work out/lift for a more shapely feminine body)

I'm also trying to grow out my hair and am planning to take:

600 grams of Biotin (I did research and read that Biotin will cause cystic acne in too high doses, 1000 mg is considered a low dose)

1000 g MSM

It would be so great to get feedback on any of this. I hope to plan out a real regimen (meals/timing for my supplements) that I can post up here. I'm trying to gain more knowledge about what I'm capable of doing for my acne, my body, and my hair.

Thanks guys! take care<3

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multi brakes a lot of people out. Guess it depends on brand btw. You better can take the vitamins seperate. Also multi are pretty bad numbers. You need a lot more of some things and maybe not from other vitamins...

Maybe its good to go on green smoothies to be sure your diet is healthy enough. Im going on them today :D

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still dont know how good the smoothies are. But i wouldnt take the multi

the vit D is good (dont overdose btw)

also the fish oil is really good

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Seriously no multivitamin? I don't know how I feel about that. Have you had a bad experience/read a lot about bad experiences? Mine does have iodine which I know is bad...I can't seem to find any without it.

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Ye read a lot of bad experiences about it. I didnt take mine long enough only few days cuz of the reactions i readed after i started. Iodine is bad. And i also never found anything without it. You can get your vitamins from natural sources and the inportant vitamins for acne from suplements for more if you want. I eat a lot of fruit and vegies. Your foods you have listed are pretty good. So i think you wont have a big problem. MultiVits have low doses anyway.

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