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Breaking out a lot on week 3.5--Purging or my fault?

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Hey I'm in the middle of week 4 on the DKR and I'm breaking outt. I was feeling like my skin was improving last week but I made the mistake of applying too much BP (almost a full finger instead of 2/3) and I ended up with terrible dry patches and flaking on my chin and the middle of my forehead. I tried to use the jojoba oil as a mask/exfoliant as suggested on one of the pinned posts but I think it might have been the cause of my breaking out all over! I'm really discouraged and part of me is wishing I had left my skin alone in the first place.

I'm going to press on through the regimen but my skin is looking terrible :/. I hope it will recover this week so I can continue with the progress I was making.

Okay so my question (I'm sorry about the ranting): Can anyone give me a little bit of info on the purging process associated with the regimen? In the past few months my oily but mild acne got worse and became moderate and my pores on my inner cheeks became really large and noticeable. I'm now getting tiny whiteheads all over them since I've started using Dan's regimen, as well as blemishes showing up further out on my cheeks where I usually do not break out. What exactly is going on are they purging?

I also have realized since this breakout that I do not have a spot treatment system and BP doesn't seem to get rid of the cysts fast enough. Should I order some AHA and use that?

Thanks I'll really appreciate responses.

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Hi lady!

I, too, had a pretty nasty breakout at around the same time. It was a few cysts...one high on my cheekbone and another on my jaw...they were big and painful and I was freaking out because I couldn't figure out what had caused them. I had just started using Physicians Formula mineral powder (I stupidly changed things up from my other makeup just as I was seeing some improvements, I guess because I thought my previous makeup might have been a bit pore-clogging) and I've heard that has caused cysts in some people. I also, the night before, had done a jojoba oil scrub to eliminate some of the extra flakes I was getting. I'm still not sure why I got the breakout because it's hard to narrow it down when you're using so many new things at once. I do know, however, that jojoba in itself has some purging qualities so that may be why you've got some of the whiteheads on your cheeks. I personally never really broke out anywhere besides my t-zone pre-regimen, but have experienced my fair share of cheek zits since starting. In short, you might want to take a step back and see if you've changed anything up recently from what you were doing in the beginning. Some people have issues with jojoba (and consequently with Dan's moisturizer). Sometimes it's the make-up that hinders the progress for us females (not to mention the issues aunt flow causes).

I'm about a month ahead of you (and still breaking out) but I do feel like there's been some progress (I breakout every few days now as opposed to everyday). I tried the AHA at the 1 month mark and that caused even more cysts to surface (I had some small zits purge as well but they were to be expected and I can handle those--unexpected cysts I cannot handle). I gave it two weeks, spot treating and using all over, but decided that it was irritating my face too much and have put it aside for now. Since then things have been moving along again. I may pick back up with the AHA down the road but I just can't chance another cystic breakout right now. Some people have problems with AHA as well, so my best advice is to integrate any new products in slowly and always only try one new thing at a time, so as to know for sure what the culprit of your breakout is.

I don't have great advice about the spot treatments...I just apply extra bp at the moment because I don't want to introduce yet another product into my routine. Good luck!


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Thanks so much for your response it was so helpful. I can't lie I was really panicking last night thinking that if this regimen doesn't work for me, it means that I've got a bigger problem that I started with since the blemishes have spread out on my cheeks. I will stick with it though and I think I'm going to stay away from the jojoba oil and just keep to applying it on my lips only. I applied extra BP on the few cysts that I have last night and this morning I woke up to my face looking a lot better. Hopefully by the end of the week things will be under control. I have more flaking on my cheeks too from the extra BP but I don't mind anymore I have a lot of red marks there so to me it's visual proof that fresh skin is coming through :).

Thanks again for your advice and experience. Goodluck! Your pic is adorable btw.

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