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Stuck with a huge cyst/nodule

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I'll be quick and simple about this, I've had this huge red bump on my face for a couple years... Most of the time, it's fine and isnt really noticeable, but you can feel the bump... but when it gets irritated or other acne forms around it... it fills with a liquidy puss... Once I squeeze the puss out a couple times, the pimple "goes away" for another month or so til it gets irritated again... I've had it for atleast 2 years now, and I'm just sick and tired of having it and not knowing what to do about it... I've tried a bunch of different things... but I was wondering if anyone had any good advice on getting rid of this... like am I going to need to see a specialist?

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injection may only make it worse...well it depends try to avoid dairy products , sugar, fatty foods n vegetable oil.....haha although i don eat those but still hav acne

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Speaking from assumptions only (please someone correct me if I'm wrong) the cortisone injection will only make the swelling subside and assist in the healing process. As long as the cyst wall remains under the skin, it can get infected and swell up again. I think the best route is to get it surgically removed, but you'll need to talk to your derm. about that. Also, people have reported getting dents in their skin after injection so make sure your derm. is experienced giving them.

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This might be a sebaceous cyst that gets irritated once in a while?

If so, the only way of treating it is really surgery.

If you take Accutane it will probably stop reappearing since your sebum production is "stabilised", so that might be another bet. Clearly worth it if you have problems with ordinary acne as well.

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I agree with the others who have said that a surgical extraction might be the best option for this. I had a pea-sized bump on my jawline for several months - it just wouldn't go away. If I iced it, it would flatten out, but then eventually it would reappear. It would start to go away and then just come back again. My esthetician, who is very good at extractions, couldn't even get it out. I went to a cosmetic derm who extracted the core of the lesion and also injected it with cortisone. The bump was gone within a few days and it never came back. I did get a slight indentation on my jawline from the cortisone shot though. It took several months to totally fade away, but it did go away completely.

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