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i am breaking out more recently. please help!! thanks:)

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before i used spectro jel as a cleanser (the orange bottle which is combination skin) and never used a moisturizer or BP and maybe broke out 1 or 2 pimples every once in a while. Once i switched to cetaphil cleansar for acne prone skin i broke out like every other day thats when i decided to go on dan's regimen. when should i stop using the regimen i dont want to be hooked on the bp!! i am 19 by the way :)

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Well, as addressed in this thread of yours, you may be purging.

As far as when you'll be able to stop using BP, that's different for everybody. If your body is ready to grow out of acne at some point, you should be able to stop using BP then. Ask your family about their skin. Did your parents, siblings, and/or grandparents have acne? How old were they when they grew out of it (if they did)? Checking with your family may give you a better idea of how your own acne might progress.

Whenever you think you might be ready to stop using BP, go ahead and take a break. If you stay clear, that's wonderful. If you start breaking out again, you'll need to continue treating.

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thanks!!! i was just asking because before i never broke out when i "just" used spectro jel and never moiturized or used BP. then i i heard good things about cetaphil so i bought it and continued to break out so i purchased dan's BP

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