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IPL/dermabrasion or treatments like them..

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OK.. so i know that you are supposed to wait a MINIMUM of 6 months after finish accutane to get any "invasive" stuff done such as dermabrasion, chemical peels etc....

I was wondering if anyone has asked their derms about IPL treatment?

I was doing a little research on it but it couldnt find a direct answer. My derm said it was ok as long as your lips arent chapped (as a sign of skin healing).

However was wondering if anyone else got ask and got an answer about it.

**IPL is nonabrasive**

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I had IPL just after a month i finished my course for flushing redness blotchy skin all i can say its worth it 110%! but the ipl does hurt abit itself like a burning electric shock...... but my skin is looking great only 2 weeks after the treatment

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huh? i thought ipl was a laser (intense pulsed light/laser)

I really wanted to get this procedure done for some hair removal but thought i would have to wait a year to do it. so you guys are saying its ok? can it be used for pigmentation as well? that would be awesome if it could.

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For me-- idk if you can or can get it done.

One derm I talked to said that it was ok as long as your lips arent chapped (indicator that skin is recovering well)

Another derm, which i emailed him the question answered back last night and said he recommends to wait 6 months to a year.

So im gonna keep looking online for derms you can email (online consultation) to keep getting answers..

STAYSTRONG: It is a laser... but its not abrasive. Other lasers i think that you are thinking of actually are abrasive (destroy skin to bring new skin)

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