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Never less than 2 Pimples

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I follow the regime pretty religiously and use tons of Bp yet as much as Ive cleared I just cant stop myself getting 2 Pimples as they will start to heal then il get 2 others forming. Normally the day between is the best as Ive only got small bumps from the old ones and small bumps from the new ones smile.gif

Is it something else thats causing my acne or should I stop the regime and start to try something else.

Anyone else have this problem :angry:

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I experience the same thing. I'm starting to think its the BP im using, its way too harse on my skin. I'd really like to buy some of Dan's Gel soon.

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I have the same problem. I get clear and then one or two spots. Right now I have three. rolleyes.gif That's as many as I get but it's so annoying. 7 weeks on the regimen for me. :wall:

I'm so frustrated I am doing a liver cleanse, I've done two apple fasts/semi cleanses they have on the acne free in 3 days site and the first did a good job so here I go again. Maybe a cleanse would be an idea for you?

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^I wouldnt worry about it - this happened to me and my skin only settled down completely about 6 weeks ago. That would make it....2 1/2 months on Dans gel roughly until it settled. I'm sure others had the same experience.

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I'm in the same boat, can't seem to lick it. Always at least one active zit and been on the regiman for close to 3 monthes. I thought about that 3 day apple diet cleanse........does it really work or is it question.gif just an internet scam to rip off 39.95....if it truly worked it would a miracle and a death blow to the acne medication industry.

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when i started... it took me a couple months to get things going right. I did notice a reduction of pimples... but for a while I always had a couple popping up here and there. it really does take time for the skin to adjust... and don't overdo it too soon with the BP, it just starts you off in the wrong direction. reread the instructions... and make sure your doing it right. I noticed time and time again that I wasn't following Dan's instructions 100%. make sure you are using products that fit you too, it might take trial and error to find a regimen that fits you!

hell i'm still on a quest to find my balance, but I am clear... I just have to fine tune the system smile.gif

be patient

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