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eye makeup for girls with bags/dark circles?

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i've had bags/dark circles since i was a kid. absolutely nothing i can do about it, i swear. i've got the italian sunken eyes from my grandpa :(. i asked my dermatologist about the darkness and he said that because of my bone structure it's likely that the problem isn't too many blood vessels in that area but just the fact that the skin is thin and because my eyes are sunken the light hits my face in a way that always makes them look dark.

i experimented with a lot of creams & concealers for a while and they all a. only highlighted the darkness and b. just plain ol' looked bad because i also naturally have lines under my eyes (i noticed this when i was about 10, SRSLY). however, i did get a sample-size of benefit's eyecon a few weeks ago. i don't know if it actually does anything for me but since it's not really a concealer and so light i've been using that almost every day just in case it minimizes any puffiness i have from lack of sleep (college student) that exacerbates the problem.

when i was in middle & high school i would try to wear eye makeup but i stopped because i felt it only drew attention to my dark circles. for the last few years i've only been wearing foundation, blush or bronzer, and clear mascara.

however, after years of practice i can finally do a great job with the foundation and blush and i've been wanting to start wearing eye makeup again...ya know, give myself that little extra somethin somethin.

and so, TO THE POINT:

does anyone know some good colors & techniques for eyeshadow & eyeliner for girls with dark circles? sometimes i wear a little grey eyeliner, but since my eyes are so watery and my skin is so oily it starts to run after a few hours and makes my dark circles look even darker (see mah scary halloween avatar for example, haha).

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i don't know if this will help much, since i suck at concealer. and i feel you about the lack of sleep .. >:( they better come up with some miracle eye products by the time i graduate. jk.

i've heard some good things about mac's studio fix concealer, but i think you've already tried that since it's such a popular product .. lol. for dark circles, i use a medium-heavy coverage foundation. i apply it with my fingers, and since the skin around my eye area is less oily than my whole face, it actually stays on for quite some time.

i also have oily lids and cream liners stay on much longer than pencils for me. there are also tutorials on youtube for brighter looking eyes if you were interested in that.

good luck : )

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Bags and circles are treated differently.

Bags can cause "shadowing" because they protrude. Shrink 'em. Pleanty of rest. Good nutrition. Hydration. Controlling allergies (no kidding see "allergic shiners"). Not eating before bedtime. Sleeping on the back with the head elevated. Then there are the cosmeceuticals (sp?), but I don't use those.

Circles, on the other hand, are merely a matter of camouflage. I hear that yellow-tinted products are best. You have to find the right shade and intensity of yellow along with the right texture or coverage of product. Takes some trying (IMHO) to find just the right product, but usually it's out there.

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Try Revlon colorstay foundation... but use it as a concealer, and apply by dabbing it all around the undereye area to kind of warm it into your skin... I have HORRIBLE dark circles, from genetics, since as long as I can remember, and this is the only thing that actually stays put... and I've tried Evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverything it seems!

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