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custom regimen for different types of skin?

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hello. i am most likely going to be ordering the product on this site and trying the regimen. i have been given a bp cream and it has worked somewhat. still pimples form though and it gets frustrating waking up to a new pimple every morning or every other, makes me feel like whats the point. i took some adivice on here and got the feeling that i wasnt being as carefull as i thought washing my face. so i made some changes and i feel like i got some succes. so i will try your other advice. my question is using the moisterizer with the regimen. i have a oily face and have heard that using a mositerizer may make it worse. however using the bp creami do have i have noticed i do get dry skin. im afraid if i use even more bp i will need a mositerizer. im afraid of havin a too dry face or a too oily face. what would be best for me. also how would milk of magnesiem fit into the regimen. thanks for a response.

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Oily skin does not necessarily mean moisturized skin, so even if your skin is oily, it's still important to use a moisturizer with The Regimen.

And as far as the Milk Of Magnesia goes, this is what the FAQs say about adding in additional products or steps:

Q: Can I use the Regimen in conjunction with additional products or over-the-counter medications?

A: Do not do this until you are completely clear and have been that way for some time. Once you are completely clear, it is okay to add in one variable at a time. However, if you begin the Regimen and are adding in other variables from the get go, you will have no way of judging whether the Regimen works for you. See the biggest mistakes page for more.

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ok say you wash your face at 10am. then you decide to play basketball or somthing and your face gets sweaty.should you wash it again at like 12pm and then again at like 10pm. i heard that sweat should be washed off of your face as soon as possible to not clog pores. what is worse? washing your face 3 times in one day or leaving it sweaty for many hours. i never really needed a answer to this question until i learned not to wash my face more then 2 times. thank you

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From the FAQs:

Q: I exercise during the day and sweat. Should I wash afterward? And what's up with the white residue on my face when I exercise?

A: Sebaceous follicles (where acne is formed) and sweat glands are separate parts of your skin which do not touch. Sweating should theoretically not affect acne since acne is formed in the sebaceous follicle, and sweat will not enter this area. Sweating does not warrant a third washing. If you want to wash after a workout, try to plan your workout before your morning or evening regimen.

You may notice that if you sweat within a few hours after you do the Regimen with a cream-based benzoyl peroxide that your face can turn milky white in the places where you did the Regimen. This is normal, but annoying and is mostly caused by using a cream based benzoyl peroxide. Either switch to a gel based benzoyl peroxide, or feel free to lightly dab your face with a towel to get rid of the residue.

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