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Dan's Regimen: Works for cysts

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Here's my regimen to get rid of any existing underlying cysts :

Dan's facewash

Dan's BP Gel

Dan's AHA+

(Ordered jojoba oil, soon to incorporate this)

that's it... I've been doing that day and night.

The reason I have been using AHA+ as a moisturizer is because I am trying to go off of using toner. Toner is harsh on my skin and increases oil production.

Dan's AHA+ has a nice anti-inflammatory effect when combined with BP. I don't know why this works so well, but I'm dying to figure out. I'm actually buying some equipment this Christmas, including a microscope to conduct further studies. I don't know where I'm going with this, as I'm not a dermatologist, but looking at skin cells on a cellular level could prove to be beneficial.

Dan's AHA+ combined with BP also has a smoothing effect on skin, gets rid of cysts and surface pimples, and is just a generally nice mixture of product to have on the face. I will be incorporating jojoba oil soon.

Take note though, that I've been on my own 10% BP regimen (5 small dabs for forehead, cheeks, chin, and middle of the face) for about 2 years now, and I ramped up to Dan's full dosage about 2 weeks ago. I ramped up almost immediately, as I figured since my skin has already taken so much, it would be ok.

It went OK. A few new zits appeared, but this is because I've never ramped up the dosage to this amount of BP.

Well lo and behold, the zits disappeared in days, my skin feels smoother than ever, and I'm almost clear.

I know this isn't the end of acne for me, but things are progressing more than they ever have.

I'm considering experimenting with apple cider vinegar as well. Lots of experiments to go with.

But so far, using my own face as a test subject, AHA+ and BP are INCREDIBLE together.


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