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What is the most efficient way of consuming Doxy, and receiving the best possible benefits from it?

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It is indeed working relatively quickly. But my Doctor gave me no instructions on how to consume it, and the chemist didn't have the appropriate leaflets to go with the boxes (moving offices, apparently). She just gave a very quick and elusive explanation.

I am 19, i'm a vegan, eat plenty of fruit and veg, 8 pints of water a day, regular exercise.

Finished Accutane 4 months ago, mild acne returning.

Utilizing BP in the morning, Retin-A at night. And i take Doxy 2 hours after eating, and i remain up right for at least an hour before bed (apparently you cannot lay down for a while after taking it).

I take multivitamins and omega 3, 6, 9 every 2 days in the morning. I eat a lot of vitamin/mineral fortified foods (cereal, soy milk etc).

Is this the most effective method of consuming this drug? Am i doing anything incorrectly that decreases any absorption?

Thank you.

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According to my doctor food barely effects the absorbation of it. Maybe a 10% decrease in it's effectiveness.

I just take it as soon as I get up. I have no set guide lines. Sometimes I eat with it, sometimes I don't. Depends if I'm hungry.

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