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Simon L.

My brand new pimped regimen

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Hello !

I'm here to post some details of my regimen log, which I started about a month ago. I've been suffering from moderate acne for about a three months, because of my stupid behavior. I've always had a mild acne and that was not a problem for me because simple over the counter medicaments were always helping me well, but in the summer I faced with a pustular acne and it was a trouble, I started picking, popping and other crazy shit caused by the stress of my acne and after that big inflamed pimples came up to my face skin. It was much bigger trouble than any others before. I visited my dermatologist and she prescribed me Neostrata PH4 cleanser, Duac gel and Neostrata AHA 15 lotion. I've been using this stuff for about a month and in this period I've never seriously broken out, except a few pimples. First week i was so red because of AHA lotion, but it prevented from getting new acne very well. Duac works perfect, it heals a spot very quick in a few days. So all in all everything was going quite good, but you know what's the feel when after the spot red mark is left. So in these days I've put on some shitty make-up on these blemishes and I got a few new red bumps, because of the skin layer thickness. Now it's so sensitive for all that shitty stuff. Today I bought one more Duac Gel and my regimen I think must be continued, at least for a week. I'll post some news and maybe photos here. Have a nice day!

A few days ago:




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I'd say lay off the makeup brosky.

try your regimen for a couple more weeks to get 'clear' results. who knows, it could just have been the IB period of your perscriptions.

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Ok, day one

Today my skins is soft and doesn't seem flaky/ dry at all as before. I think that's because of not using BP anymore.

Morning: Neostrata PH4 cleanser, Duac gel and Anna Lotan skin balancer moisturizer.

Result - soft skin, but a three new active zits after yesterday make up trouble, lol

All in all I feel that Duac never lets me broke out so I'm not worried about these three zits as they will go away in a week or less. I think I should say that I've broken out because of oily make-up which I put on the blemishes where my skin's very thick after treated acne.

No more shitty make up. Only continued Duac course plus AHA. I'm seeing my dermatologist after a week, can't wait.

Edited by Simon L.
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Day two:

I'd say Clindamycin plus BP works for me very well. Duac is very good for my skin. I like the texture of it and the effect too. Also yesterday I noticed that if skin's to flaky or dry in the evening after applying AHA I can also apply ANA Lotan balancer moisturizer. This combination works pretty well too.

Now my skin is soft with no new actives. Three inflamed pimples left but they are drying down and are not painful anymore.

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Day four.

No new actives, treating old ones. Fighting hard with a hyper pigmentation, AHA helps a lot.

Skin is no more flaky, but still a bit dry, because of Duac/ AHA.

Morning: Neostrata PH4 cleanser, DUAC, Ana Lotan balancer moisturizer

Evening: Neostrata PH4 cleanser, DUAC, Neostrata AHA lotion, sometimes plus balancer moisturizer when skin's so dry.

Plans for tomorrow: start to drink and exercise a lot + buy multivitamins and fish oils included ABE vitamins.

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