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In need of a confidence boost?

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K I'm in a one of those real low points at the moment and feeling rather crap bout how I look so I was doing some google searching and I found this:


A whole bunch of pics of celebs with acne and scars!

Like the person who compiled the page I'm not posting this as a dig at the celebs at all but to make us feel more normal. The skin we see in movies and magazines just isn't real so we can't look at that as a comparison to our skin. They are normal people with flaws and still have become successful and regarded as some of the most beautiful people in the world.

I thought if I could pass this on and make just one person feel that confidence boost this has just given me then I'll be happy! :)

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i dont see how anyone get a boost from them to be honest.. i see celebs as just other people, not much diffrent then the normal joe but with some extra ca-ching $$ £££. Its also unsurprising none of them have severe acne or scars... this kinda thing gets posted all the time!! but thanks for trying to help.

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Well for me personally it helped, my life is consumed by my acne and I have zero social life. To see that these people have gone through having terrible skin and then go on to become really successful and not let it stop them, gives me hope for myself. I completely agree with you that they are just normal people that was the point I was trying to make. Sorry if this gets posted all the time, I haven't seen it and just wanted to help someone else out!

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