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B-Vitamin Shots for oily hair, oily skin & acne

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I have been reading about B-Vitamin shots. I don't think most people know just how easy it is to develop a B-complex defiency. They are water soluble and many factors can quickly cause a defiency.

Factors that can cause deficiency:

-Refined & processed foods. White flour actually drains B-Vitamins!

-Oral birth control - Physicians are required by law to advise their patients to take B supplements if using birth control. Few physicians actually do this!



-Emotional or physical stress

-Certain medications (metformin)

Aside from these factors, there are many people who are genetically predisposed to malabsorbtion problems. My grandmother used to get B-Vitamin shots. I was told that members in my family don't absorb B-vitamins as well as they should.

B-Vitamin deficiency is linked with various forms of skin problems:

Oily hair, oily skin and whiteheads: Vitamin B2

Seborrhea: B2, B6

Acne: B6

Because the B-Complex deficiencies are so common, a shot is offered at doctor's offices, take-home kits and nurse stations.

Although I've taken a B-Complex for years, I've decided I'll get a B-Vitamin shot.

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