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I hope someone can help me out here. I have been researching azelex cream 20% and i am getting confused. People keep talking about Finacea. I know thats the gel form. it is also less expensive. I am using the cream. heres my story.

I started breaking out all of a sudden about two years ago when i was 24. I am alleric to most of the antibiotics they give for acne. most creams they gave me didnt work. I have been on Yaz B.C. for 4 months now. It has helped a lot, but i am still breaking out. Its so irritating and frustrating to go from perfect skin and not wearing makeup to a face full of uncontrolable zits and oil. anyway, i had a microdermabrasion done about a year and a half ago and it completely distroyed my face. It made it all red and raw and veiny and did not go away. It also made me breakout it pretty much every pore on my face. HORRIBLE!! I never had sensitive skin like that before or any problems with redness. i have had about 8 IPL treatments for the redness and it has helped a lot but i am still pink and sensitive.

Well, i am now on the yaz and i tried the azelex cream for the first time tonight. I didnt get any of the burning or anything that i have read about it causing. Maybe it will start after using it a few more times? But so far so good.

I am wondering if the cream is the right choice since i have such oily skin, or if the cream is the right choice since i have red sensitive skin????

Also can this cream cause more breakouts?

I do have some scarring from an initial breakout when starting the yaz.

I have a perscription for doxycycline, but i wanted to give the yaz and this cream some more time before starting a new medication. Plus i had one derm. who wouldnt give me this antibiotic cause i am allergic to ones similar to it. so that also makes me nervous.

Its been a struggle. I dont wear makeup. Even when i try to put it on, im not use to wearing it so i just make it look worse and cry while im putting it on. It sucks! so any advise or experiences with Azelex cream 20%. Not the gel kind. would be sooooo helpfull to me!! Thanks. I hope someone replys soon. I have a problem with posting things and never hearing back from anyone.

sorry its so long

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Ive been using it for 3 weeks it definitely does not make your skin worse. Expect major improvements fast like days. Its really good best thing I ever put on my face.

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what kind of acne do you have? cause i have very oily skin and clogged pores and larger zits. I have read there is an ingredient in this cream that can clog pores. So that confuses me. I am very worried this cream isnt right for me since i already have oily skin and clogged pores. This cream made my skin feel very greasy and i thought it would dry it up. So i just dont know if i should continue to use it or not. It took me 4 months to get the progress i have had with the yaz and if the cream makes me breakout more it will take forever for me to get control of it again. Im so confused and worried. I have read a lot of people say it helped their cystic acne, but thats not what i have. I just dont understand how this stuff works if it can clog pores.

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Hi Sarah,

I suffer from acne, have done for my entire teens, im turning 21 shortly. I have only recently discovered this website and began reading more and more in to treatments etc... when younger I just assumed it would go away, so never really bothered... i picked it!

I began the Regimen about 6 weeks ago, initially I broke out massively like worse than I have ever done in my life, for the entire 6 weeks my face was tight, burning and uncomfortable... to the point it was putting stress on my relationship with me stopping my girlfriend from kissing my face! A few days ago, I came off the Regimen using the BP. It was way too much for me to cope with, im around the public all day, everyday and I just wasnt for me. I do appreciate it has worked for a lot of people but my situation, it really didnt help.... given time im sure i would see results though.

About 2 months ago, I went to see my doc and she prescribed me with Skinoren Azelaic Acid 20% - I used it a bit at first, but then stopped as my skin literally bubbled, got red and extremely bad. After a day or two I quit it.

I have decided to back to the Azelaic Acid, but this time... being more careful with how it is applied. It is crucial you wash your face with a Cleanser first, especially if you have Oily Skin. Give your face around 5-10mins to fully dry after cleansing (I use either Freederm Cleanser, or Simple Refreshing one as they don't make me break out)... I then apply my Skinoren which is a cream, at first small amounts, then gradually upped the dosage similar to that on the BP Regimen. I do not Mousterise after though as the Azelaic is not harsh on my skin.

I have seen great improvements, mainly in skin tone and its feel. I have a lot less pimples appearing, but from research apparently you will start see'ing serious results after about 3-4 weeks.

I have fairly Oily skin, the cleansing helps to dry it out... and the Azelaic has slight drying properties too.... It does NOT block pores in my opinion, not in my experience anyway so dont worry about it.

Wash, Cleanse - Wait to dry.......

Apply Liberal ammounts of Cream gently to the face......

And leave.

I do this morning and night and I'm finally starting to get my skin back in shape. I hope that helps, keep me posted on your experiences with the cream.


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I also have VERY sensitive and oily skin. Let me tell you, this Azelex crean works WONDERS. You litterily get major results over night. After being on this product for about 2 weeks, my skin is basically cleared up now. I used to suffer from severe cystic acne and had major blemishes.

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