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First of all, I'm just sharing my story for everyone because I think this is valuable information that deserves to be put out here for everyone. And yes, this cure isn't as easy to obtain as sayy, accutane or some sort of prescription but it's all natural. I've never wanted to take antibiotics as a treatment for my acne. Having acne meant something was wrong with my body internally. In my case, I have a weak digestive system and I was constipated (3 days without going to the washroom).

Doctors say, oh it doesn't matter how many days as long as you dont surpass a whole week without a bowel movement which is not totally wrong. But if you have severe acne and you don't have a bowel movement everyday (which i can assure you that if you're reading this, you are most likely constipated ie. it hurts to poop, or you have to stay in the bathroom for long period of time to get it out such as 10 minutes or more).

I went to a traditional chinese medicine practiciner. I live in a relatively small city so, I only have about 5 different trained doctors to choose from. I picked the best out of the bunch and even she barely touched on my problem. I went there and she told me I had heat or too much yang (which was true but false at the same time. I will explain later on). She gave me all natural pills to take which didnt help at all, but mainly because pills tend to lose their potency after being stored for so long. She also gave me acupuncture which gave me occasional diarrhea. Once again, another step in the right direction, but the acupuncture gave no visible results because I was scared of pain, and you need to stimulate the painful areas to prick in order to have a big effect.

Then, for the summer I travelled to China to visit some relatives. While I was in BeiJing, there was a hospital specifically for chinese medicine and there was a skin sector. I went in after waiting for a number at 4am and the doctor took my pulse, asked me questions ( you must answer truthfully no matter how embarassing ) and then gave me a prescription of a mix of herbs that you pick up. It was specifically designed for me. The first week, I would have diarrhea everyday after breakfast and when I went back the second week, she adjusted the presciption (only a bit, just changed the grams of herbs around) according to my results. She told me that acne is a very hard disease to cure, and that to fully rid myself of it would take years. But I was only in beijing for a few weeks, i just didnt have the time.

After those two weeks, my acne marginally inproved but only because she also gave me a topical sulfur solution to use which i did). After I left BeiJing, I could no longer that the medicine because you need to brew it in a specific pot for a few hours a day. Instead, I tried to forget about my acne and enjoy the trip. Surprisingly, my acne did not really get worse even though I was eating out everyday (but it wasnt that bad since chinese restaruants in china have more veggies and use more natural ingredients and less fatty) and eat "hot" foods such as pepper and garlic and eat a lot of sugar. But everyday,I would have been walking around ALL day or running and I'd just collapse on the bed when I got home. It was very stressful yet my acne did not get worse. I pretty much had a bowel movement every day even though I wasnt taking the medicine anymore.

I came home to north america and then, my acne just disappeared for the most part and I think the stress was preventing me from fully healing in china. Now, it's been 3 months and even though some of my acne has come back, it's not nearly as bad as before. I've regained my confidence and another funny thing, my period have stopped coming/coming for a day at a dark brown and then leaving. Btw, I'm not even 17 yet. Turns out I actually didn't have enough yang, but the "heat" from all the crappy foods I used to eat was pretending to be yang energy. Im actually deficient in both yang and yin energy. Its confusing, I know.

Here's an example. Let's say that yin and yang are like vitamins, you have to have a certian amount. Yin and yang can only be obtained from natural, whole foods. All the processed stuff only give you heat which is irritation for you digestive system. If you dont fll your quota for either yin and yang but have more yang than yin, it will look like you need to get rid of some yang when really you need more. That's why its important to do some research about your type of acne. See a practiciner. I assure you it will help.

But I'm just gonna boil it down to this. Find out what type of acne you have. Where is the heat coming from because acne is always caused by heat and toxins. Mine was coming from the bad digestive system and if that's your case too, then you need something to clear out your digestive system (dont use psyllium husk. it just clogs you up) and then you need to drink 8 glasses of water a day or more, exercise (ACTUAL EXERCISE. or else it wont help) to get your intestines moving and your bowels moving, and have a bowel movement everyday or so and no hard constipated movements. And then, have a balanced diet. Don't eat too much raw, too eat too much meat. Don't eat too little meat and always eat vegetables!

But I really believe the using chinese medicine is helpful. Check it out. Msg me for more info.

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I think TCM is interesting but kindof abstract and difficult to understand. Could you possibly explain what foods+habits would increase/decrease yin and increase/decrease yang? I.e. if someone needs more yang or whatever, what would they eat/do?

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