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It was dairy, it was DAIRY!!!!

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Hello. I have been on and off the boards, mostly a lurker and mostly when I am dealing with a breakout. I wanted to share my story, I hope some of you find it useful.

Approximately 18 months ago I began to use Dan's regimen and products, and much to my delight my mild acne cleared up almost immediately and stayed away almost completely for well over a year. Strangely though, I began to get the occasional zit here and there again, until about 6 weeks ago when I was back to mild breakouts in my normal breakout zones (around my chin, bottom lip, and around my T-zone).

I began to get nervous, fearing that the regimen has somehow stopped working and that I may be destined to deal with regular acne breakouts for the rest of my adult life. Then I took out a notebook and really started to jot down all of the things that had changed over the past 2 months from the prior year, and that's when it had dawned on me....

It was my DIET! Now I know this may seem simple and obvious to a lot of you here. I had gone through periods where I had cut out soda and sweets, mostly with varying results. Some weeks I would be clear, and other weeks it didn't seem to matter. I dug up some information on this site and others that mentioned that dairy products have also been named as a potential cause for acne breakouts, and that is when the light bulb turned on. My dairy intake had most definitely increased in the past 2 months. I could specifically remember eating more pizza and yogurt, and I found myself ordering cheese on sandwiches and whatnot, whereas I had been avoiding ordering cheese for quite some time prior. Ironically, I had cut dairy out of my diet when I had first begun the regimen as well, though for other reasons.

I cut dairy completely out of my diet approximately 3 weeks ago and the difference has been ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING. I have not had a single new blemish in those 3 weeks. My skin is dramatically less oily, and I have received more comments about how good I look in these 3 weeks than in the past 3 years. I also find that I have much less gas (sorry), and I have even been feeling more rested when I wake up in the morning. In fact, I have taken a week off of using Dan's BP gel and so far so good.... I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

I know that dietary changes are not going to be the answer to everyone's acne problems, but I have a feeling that diet plays a much larger role in acne than we have been led to believe. As hard as it was to make those dietary changes, the physical results and the boost in confidence make it completely worth it. If there are people on here looking for a fix to their acne who haven't tried removing dairy from their diet, I highly recommend at least giving it a shot!

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This post will be moved to the Holistic section but I agree 100%

Dairy makes my skin terrible.

I no longer eat dairy and use the regimen at night only!

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