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My Observations about AHA and BP gel (1.5 weeks on regimen)

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This post is about my current rendition of Dan's regimen, and outlines why I made the changes that I did. Please read through and let me know your thoughts, and if any of you have tried this.


I've had acne for about 12 years - severe acne with cysts. I will go through the stages my acne went through in the last decade.

Age 13 - received my first pimple on my nose. I thought it was awesome, because I was always called the clear-faced kid who isn't even going through puberty. I was a late bloomer.

Age 13-14 - progressively worse. It began on my nose, and then onto my forehead and between the eyes. Still, it wasn't too bad, as my cheeks were as smooth as silk. I was given a strange soap that my mom got from a friend, and that cleared a lot of it up.

Age 15-18 - progressively worse. It spread throughout my face. I tried Clindamycin, Erythromycin, Retin-A micro, Pro-Active. They all worked to varying degrees, but did not get me clear. I would clear up about 40% of the way, and then another breakout would void any progress from occuring.

Age 19-23 - I got smart about acne. I started research, and arrived upon using AHA and very mild skin washes. AHA + Retin-a micro, using AHA as the moisturizer. Turns out, the AHA moisturizer I usually used had ingredients that aggravated acne. Apart from that, the AHA did help, and so did the Retin-a micro. My skin texture was never to my liking.

Age 24-27 - Present day. From 24 to 27, I got fed up. I took Dan's advice (ONLY about using BP, and not his methodology. I just said "Hey, let's use a ton of BP..."), and there was progress. I would clear up to where I would only have 2-3 zits on my face at a time - medium depth, not surface, and not quite cystic.

From the age of 24 to 27, I used my own regimen. It went like this :

1. 10% BP Clean and Clear facewash

2. Dry up. I did a drying stage. And I am not surprised that most people do the same.

3. 10% Clean and Clear persagel benzoyl peroxide.

4. Dry again...

5. Neutrogena Toner 2.5% SALYCYLIC applied in upward strokes with a good quality cotton pad.

6. Dry again...

7. VASELINE intensive moisture. VERY hydrating in cold San Francisco weather.

I was able to contain my acne, but not quite cure it. I had things down to 2-3 zits at a time. Sometimes 3-4, but most of the time, I wouldn't have very many zits.

I WAS NOT satisfied. I went and switched to Dan's methods 1.5 weeks ago, and outlined below is what I am currently doing :

1. Dan's cleanser, light washing.

2. Dry up.

3. Dan's BP Gel, I worked up to quite generous in 1.5 weeks, as I am used to BP.

4. Dry up.

5. Dan's AHA. At first, I alternated between AHA and Moisturizer. Broke out with 3-4 zits. Then I switched to going all AHA.

Why did I switch to using AHA as my moisturizer? You may find my theory ridiculous, but at least give it a read...

I used to use toner with my old regimen. I'd rub in upward strokes until much of the toner was soaked in grease and oil. FATAL FLAW - while toner can REMOVE oil and skin, it removes vital dry matter as well. I want a natural flaking of skin cells to occur. All flaking dead skin cells are not a bad thing.

I figured if I were going to go on Dan's regimen, I'd need some form of exfoliation, and I was sure as hell not going to go mechanical, as my skin is not a smooth surface. It isn't a piece of wood to be sanded down. Even smooth skin, on a microscopic level, has bumps and grooves.

I went with AHA.

AHA does something mysterious that I cannot fully understand. I know that it helps in a variety of ways, primarily removing dead skin cells.

Not only does it remove dead skin cells, but it actually decreases inflammation, helping all of the oil and dead skin travel out of the skin safely.

Inflammation is a terror to acne. It creates the blockage that initially causes oil to buildup and create that environment for acne.

Even after my cystic acne has surfaced, putting on a healthy amount of AHA to that spot will actually help it heal better and cuts that inflammation down.

The method of applying AHA is important, just like applying BP. I used to experiment with applying a lot of AHA, and then gradually, just enough to help my skin create that sloughing "desquamation" process.

Dan's AHA is the best because it contains no ingredients that exacerbate acne.


Day 1 - clearing. incredible clearing.

Day 2 - clearing. my skin never felt so great.

Day 3 - small breakout. remained positive

Day 4 - breakouts. stay positive.

Day 5 - stable. switched to using AHA for moisturizer.

Day 6 - further stabilizing and clearing. continuing to use AHA for moisturizing.

Day 7 - further stabilizing and clearing, 1-2 new zits emerge.

Day 8 - further stabilizing and clearing.

Day 9 - further stabilizing and clearing.

Day 10 - further stabilizing and clearing.

I went with all the patterns I've observed during my trials.

Containing acne is systemic, and Dan is absolutely on the right track. Though each person may have to adapt his regimen to their specific needs, the BP 2.5% is the trick.

My skin however, needs a bit of help to slough off that dead layer.


I believe skin requires a variety of different types of cells present at the surface to successfully accomplish what it needs to. A combination of some natural oil, dead skin cells, and live skin cells. Balancing that combination correctly is a very delicate process. I think Dan's method of using BP assists in maintaining this balance, and AHA definitely helps on top of that, for more severe cases.

- The light washing simply washes off the outermost layer, and gives skin a nice texture to absorb the BP.

- BP is absorbed into the skin. More is absorbed with each application until finally, there is clearing.

- AHA. I have yet to find out exactly what it does, but I'm now on a mission to find out how it is working, at the smallest level.

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lol.......acne is not just about the skin. using all the stuff cant possibly clear up ur acne pernamently. u have to control ur diet, excerise, sleep all those....haha im so lazy i don put anytin on my face after cleansing well, they did no use anyway

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My exercise regimen consists of something quite military style. I am a road cyclist and the reason why my face stays so clear is that I am constantly out training.

That said...

I USED to have cystic acne. My cysts disappeared in a matter of days upon applying Dan's BP and AHA+. But take note, I've been using benzoyl peroxide for 2 years in addition to a toner prior to going on Dan's regimen.

I don't think acne can be completely healed by skin products, but I have a very firm belief that Dan's regimen works indefinitely.

Swap out your moisturizer for AHA+. That is basically switching to a heavy-exfoliation regimen. Because some people respond quite well to simply using moisturizer - those people have no problem sloughing off dead skin cells, and BP gel oxygenates the potential breeding grounds for bacteria.

If Dan's regimen does not work for you by simply using moisturizer, I suggest toughening up your skin to the point where you can apply BP and AHA. It has worked wonders for my skin.

I am asian, so that might have something to do with it. I do not scar easily.

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Interesting. How much AHA do you use? I usually use a bit more than a thick fingers length. My face starts to hurt if I use it more than 4 times in a row...

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I think since the oil production in my face is so high, that it seems to be ok for me. The AHA+ seems to keep the oil down as well.

I've been using AHA+ morning and night. I use an entire finger's length morning and night.

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