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Shaving causes my acne to explode

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Ok so 2 days ago i shaved, I dont grow much facial hair yet, only 19 years old. But when i shave i get huge pus filled acne cysts. If i dont shave they seem to go away and i just have red marked skin, I just ordered proactiv, the 4 step process. the 3 normal ones and the Clay refining mask. Can anyone give me tips that will steer me to clear skin, Please, i suffered since i was like in 6th grade

It really sucks going out with my friends with a face full of acne

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I shave all the time with my daily cleanser.

I don't recommend pro-activ. It might be more damaging to your skin than helpful. The cleanser has exfoliating beads that irritate acne. The cleanser can also be far too harsh.

If you're going to go with an acne kit, I recommend Dan's products.

Before I encountered this site, I've used alpha hydroxy acids to combat cysts. But Dan is the one who gave me the idea of absorbing a generous amount of benzoyl peroxide into the skin to combat underlying and surface acne.

Dan's products will give you an initial breakout, as will any acne curing system. I have experienced an initial breakout with pro-activ, retin-a micro, face washes, you name it.

The truth is, the skin has its own behaviors and it needs to adjust to any new chemicals that you introduce to it.

Curing acne takes months, and once it's cured using a certain system, you must stay on that system.


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then don shave lol.........i have acne for 3 years so i can understand ur agony.......tip 1 for curing acne = DON USE over the counter products. last time i used it n it only made my acne worse after much research i found out that ur body is actually trying to get rid of ur acne n using all those products will only stop it from healin acne

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My boyfriend uses a liquid aspirin product (clear liquid, like water) to help. It got rid of his acne from shaving and any razor burn. His is from Paula's Choice. I'm not sure if there are other options out there.

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