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another 'regimen stopped working' story

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Ive been using Dans regimen for about 4 years and I got my face to clear up completely. For the first two years I used BP morning and night, but then got tired of it so I stopped using it in the morning. I switched to spot treating in the morning and still used it at night. It worked fine and I stayed clear. BUT...Last August I went on vacation to Mexico for about 9 days. Well it wasnt really a vacation because I went visit family and they live in an old school ranch lol. Anyway, my main concern about going was..how was I going to do my regimen in Mexico? In my 9 days, I showered every night and did the regimen, but spot treated my acne. I wouldnt do the regimen in the morning. I feel embarrassed having to do all this when Im with family. When I came back home to the US, I was surprised that I didnt break out during those 9 days in Mexico. I thought that I was finally growing out of acne, so I basically stopped doing the regimen. The only thing I would do was use my facial cleanser and moisturize at night. The first week everything was perfect, but after the second week, I started seeing little bumps on the side on my face. Soooo back on the regimen I went. Dont worry, I started with using a little BP so my skin adjusts again. I just kept getting more. I was hoping those bumps would go away and I would stay clear, but that didnt happen. The acne isnt HORRIBLE, but it bothers me. As the acne goes away, more emerges, but they leave a little dark scar, and the scars are adding up, if you get what I mean? Im sure the scars will fade out over time but Im not patient and I dont want it to get worse! After almost 4 months, it seems like BP isnt being affective anymore and I dont know what to do. Well thats my story! :wall:

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hmmmmm im sorry i wish i had more advice but im new to this too....hmnn make sure your not eating any foods your allergic too...look up paula's choice 2% bha gel...i swear i have used it twice in the past 3 days and my blackheads which been took forever to clear with the bp have waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy reduced, i am tripping but im so ecstatic...i guess my new routine will be using bp once a day and the bha(salicylic acid) once a day!

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Ive never been allergic to anything. Im kinda scared to switch to something new haha, that 2% bha gel seems interesting. Do you still cleanse and moisturize after you use it? Its just frustrates me knowing that Dans regimen has worked great for me, but now isnt working the same. I feel dumb for thinking I grew out of acne, im barely 18 lol. Ive heard of this BP 'rebound' effect, where if you stop using it, you get worse acne, but I dont know if its true? I guess Ill have to wait it out.

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well me allergic--i thought not i mean allergic as in you break out from it like acne...for me its chocholate and alchohol and it was only like 1 week ago when i found out for sure becuase indeed i broke out when i ate chocholate even while on the regimen---needless to say i was pissed!

well yah it does and hopefully it keeps on working i have only used it twice and wow what a difference i kid you not it made in my clogged pores(blackheads whiteheads) but i did get like 2 new active pimples but there small and going already away...but i think that was not because of the bha but me eating a gang of junk food the past two days! but yeah i read that for active pimples use benzoyl peroxide and for clogged pores the best is salicylic acid(bha) . so thats why i added t he bha because even though my skin looks the best it has since long time i wanted clogged pores to go away faster and its working! finally!

well ya i cleanse then put bha let dry some what and then mousturize!...however the bp doesnt make my face shiny this bha does! so i might change my routine to bha at night and bp in the daytime...idk im seeing how my face reacts first

hahaa well my acne has gotten less worse before i started bp and im 18 i am definetely not outgrowing it anytime soon. right now my goal and i know it will happen soon is to have crystal clear skin with no redmarks or clogged pores!

any more advice i could help with? :)

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