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just dance

Little bumps on my cheeks

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So like a year ago I went to the dermatologist and yadda yadda yadda, eventually she gave me Finacea, made a few follow up appointments, and basically told me she didn't ever need to see me again except to renew my prescriptions.

However, I have had these little bumps on my cheeks since forever. Like, I don't remember not having them. They're just little raised bumps so maybe she didn't notice them and I guess I was stupid and didn't bring them up over the four or so appointments I had, or maybe I figured the Finacea would eventually take them away.

I don't think she properly diagnosed me with rosacea, but I'm like 99% sure I have it... I blush or my face gets red sooooooooooooooo easily, and my cheeks have been constantly red/pink for like.. years. They still are but admittedly I haven't been religious about applying my medications. But still, I'm not totally negligent, and even when I am religious about it nothing changes.

Anyway within the month I'm gonna have to make another appointment because I'm not gonna be able to renew my scripts anymore.

Is there anything she can give me to get rid of these stupid little bumps once and for all or am I just screwed?

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