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Hey . i am new to this site and is hoping to get some help. from the couple of post ive seen it seem like this blog site can be very helpful.

Well anyways since i hit puberty ive been getting these big pimples on my nose . ive had pimples else where at times but nothing as serious as the ones i get on my nose. i think they are nodular acne from the research ive done. the thing is from all the pimples on my nose some went away . others did but left a dark mark . these arent the problem though. the others that didnt go away left my nose with skin colored bumps thats basically all over my nose. i want to knw what i can do for these acne scars . is surgery neccessary? i hope not but these skin colored bump acne scars make my nose look funny and they some been there for over a year. i dont knw what to do. i have pictures to describe what i am talking about . im kind of desperate for help. ive been dealing with this problem for years.

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I would suggest seeing a Dermatologist and get a professional opinion on what type of scars you have and what available treatments would be effective.

See if this gives you any ideas:

Good luck!

ok thank you . i have no insurance thats the thing so i dont knw what im going to do. =/ i hope surgery is not neccessary

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did u pick or squeeze or do anything to it? if so.....it's best to avoid touching it the oil n dirt from ur hands make the affected area worse as it get irrated......

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until i get to see a dermatologist does anyone know what could be a good soultion for my situation. they started off as big pimples . i had alot more but alot went away compleltly . like i said some didnt and scared my nose . nothing ive tried seem to work . is silicone pads or scar removal creams or anything a good idea to try ? i read something about that online.i never been to a dermatologist and ive been having this problem for awhile. anything will help thank you

also the pictures i provided are not that clear you may not be able to get a good look at it

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any advice ?

it's hard to say what will work for you. I'm not a doctor so I'm not really sure.

I know you say you don't have insurance, I didn't have it for the past 2 years either but I called around a found a dermatologist that was willing to see me for $60 a session. That's all he would charge me for everything -- cortisone injections on huge cysts, chemical peels -- and he's always give me tons of free samples so that I wouldn't have to ever fill my prescription. I know that a lot of derms aren't this kind, but they do exist!

Hopefully you'll find some amazing at-home treatment for you! I guess I would also suggest a product with AHA or glycolic acid.

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