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Hi, can anyone knowledgeable in this topic area help me with a few quick questions?

1) Is zinc citrate absorbed better than zinc gluconate? That's what I've been told. And what about chelated zinc?

2) The zinc citrate I have purchased is 50mg tablets-- it advises to take on a day. However, I know not all the zinc is absorbed. I'm a 19yo guy but I'm thin-- should I take 100mg of this a day or is that too much?

3) Can zinc be taken at such a dose on the long term or is that unhealthy or dangerous?

Thanks so much!!!

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The great thing about zinc citrate is that it can be taken on an empty stomach - which is ideal.


I have another source for this, but it is from one of those acne e-books and I think it is illegal for me to quote it...

I wouldn't take more than 50mg a day... maybe taking breaks from it periodically.

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its recommended to be taken WITH meals.

You must take most zinc with meals to avoid stomach upset. However, our body absorbs zinc best on an empty stomach. Zinc citrate is gentle enough to take on an empty stomach.


The Mayo Clinic says that zinc supplements work best if they are consumed a minimum of 1 hour prior to eating or 2 hours afterward. People who take zinc on an empty stomach may become nauseated or suffer other symptoms of an upset stomach, such as heartburn.

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I have the 100 mg pills, but I feel very nauseated and have thrown up a couple of times. I actually started breaking them in half - take half in the morning, half in the afternoon. I don't take it on an empty stomach, either. More power to ya if you can... but I always though I had an "iron stomach" and it turns out I don't. ;)

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Could anyone respond to my original questions?

Good info though --- much appreciated.

I have acid reflux so I take it on a full stomach. But it's not all absorbing because of that so wouldn't taking more than 50 be ok?

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