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Skip to the bottom if you just want the products I use.

I first starting getting zits around junior high. Although annoying, I wasn't exactly phased by them as there were only a few, and at that point in my life looks weren't really that important to me. Enter highschool.

Appearance all of a sudden was important and I wanted to MAKE SURE that I had good skin to keep it up. Although I have never been a sufferer of severe acne, (it has been light to moderate), it was always enought to annoy me and cause me to worry.

Through the years I tried nearly every product, browsed numerous articles, books and forums many times, including this one (although never posting). I've tried eggs on the face, drinking 16 glasses of water a day, and even applying urine! It truly is amazing what we're willing to do to fix something....

When I first visited this forum my face was horrendously dry and pale because all I did was use clearasil 10% bp gel; I didn't even know what a moisturizer was! Unfortunately, every moisturizer I tried left my face feeling greasy (yes even cetaphil) and all the washes left my face flakey.

The most important thing I discovered about acne is that for every person it is different, and there is no cure all for everyone. In addition, I feel anytime someone discovers something that truly works for them, that they share it with everyone.

Here is what finally worked for me:


Vitamin A once a day

Vitamin E once a day

Multi vitamin once a day (all generic brand [meijer])

Topicals and shaving

Mach 3 razor

Gilette complete skin care cleansing wash

Gilette complete skin care multigel aersol shave gel

Gilette complete skin care after shave gel

Gilette complete skin care facial spf moisturizer

Neoutregena BP 2.5 and 5.0


rotates between fructus combination shampoo and conditioner dandruff control


Pantene Pro V smooth and sleek


Nothing special, I normally eat healthy foods but I am not limited. But as in almost all things in life the key is Moderation.


I only wash my face with the cleansing wash before I shave (which is one to two times a week). Obviously, I only use the after shave gel after I shave. The only other time I wash my face at all is once a day with WATER only. I apply the facial moisturizer once a day after I shower. The facial moisturizer and the after shave gel are the first moisturizers that my face actually absorbs without leaving my face greasy.

After I did this for about 10 days (I started all this minus the multivitamin at once) my skin look significantly improved. It was naturaly more radiant and red marks were gone.

Although I still get clogged pores, I rarely get zits and when I do I apply a dab of 2.5% bp and its gone in a day or two. I can't emphasize enough how much this regime has changed my skin. It's less flakey, clearer, more tolerant of the sun and all around better to look at. I want to thank you all for the advice I have received over the years and Dan its incredible how your site has evolved and I am glad you are finally starting to make some much earned money for all your hard work. Although I am not using Dan's exact regime, the concept of the regime has been key to my success. Good luck everyone and feel free to send me any questions. [email protected]


Dan H

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That's awesome, I'm glad that that this was a success for you! smile.gif Thanks for the inspiration! :lol:

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use salicylic acid to unclog ur pores, it will also lighten up those red marks over time, start with 2%

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I am thinking about trying something like what you did, do you have any other tips for me. I have mild/moderate acne never have been to a doctor and have rarely used anything other than a cleanser. I need something that makes my skin feel good. As of right now all I do is splash water on my face thats it.

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A really good, gentle product is Aveeno foaming wash. I think its called clear complexion foaming wash. It only contains 0.50 SA. It contains no soap and dos not clog pores. Its been working really nicely for me. I bought it because a few people recommended it at absoluteacneinfo.com. Check it out 5 bucks and it lasts forever.

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The complete skin care cleanser that Gilette makes is pretty good. It all depends how tolerant your face is to drying out. I have heard good things about the Aveeno cleanser, but splashing water on my face and washing with the Gilette cleanser everytime I shave works for me. Hope this helps


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Maybe it's a good idea to skip the whole cleansing part since it plays such a big part in drying/irratating the skin.... which i guess is leading to oil overdrive in the skin... etc

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