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Dairy Free and so far working(ACNE CYSTS

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I posted last month about my constant acny cysts. It has been one month since i have been acne cyst Free I know its too premature to talk about being cyst free, but since last month i stop taking in dairy products. I stopped drining milk and cheese and so far so good. I dont want to jinx myself and i hope i didnt. I havent had a cyst in over a month and i feel it could have been milk related. I even sopped eating ice cream and eat cocunut milk ice cream. the taste is slightly different but you will get used to it. I hope this was the main problem of my acne cysts. I still get acne but i rather have a pimple than a cyst, atleast a pimple goes away in a few days a cyst can last a month to months. I will post again next month to see if i am still acne cyst free. I will be crosssing my fingers. if i post earlier its becasue i got the acne cyst. My quest to be acne free is still going 32yrs old and fighting

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I am in the same boat as you as far as my acne improving dramatically with the removal of all dairy from my diet. My acne was pretty mild to begin with, but it is completely gone now that I have made dietary changes. Additionally, I recently discovered that I am allergic to soy as well, so I also had to cut out most sweets, cookies, cereals, etc. as they contain a lot of soy protein and/or soy based preservatives. I don't know if it is just the dairy, or the combination of both, but I am delighted with the results. Keep the fight going!

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dude, i feel your pain. i'm a 21 year old female and i have been suffering with cysts around my jawline, and some rather inflamed, pus filled non cysts on the rest of my face. I was using dan's regimen, but because this acne was mostly hormonal, i don't think it was really doing much to help it. i was desperate, and cut out dairy after reading lots of bad things about it on this site. i had been drinking 3 or more glasses of milk a day, and ate quite a bit of cheese too. after about a week, i noticed i was not getting any more cysts and the ones i did have were slowly healing (now i'm just left with bumpy scars) i was clear for about 2 weeks with a combo of no dairy and using dan's regimen. then, to sort of "test" but also because it was new years and i wanted to "live a little" lol, i had some cheese. big mistake. a few days later, i developed a cyst on my jawline. then the next day, i developed another one. now i have two, and it almost looks like there could be another one forming, i'll have to see. i feel this def. confirmed my dairy and acne connection, which is good i suppose, but now i have to suffer through i don't know how many more cysts until the "toxins" are out of my system. i didn't think i ate enough cheese for it to affect me, but A LOT of milk is used to make it. basically, cheese is concentrated milk, so you're getting more milk than you think. so now i'm back to eating a non dairy diet again, and just hoping things don't get too bad. if you're having a breakout, drinking a lot of water and getting enough exercise can help speed the process up. good luck!

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