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hey everyone. i horribe thing just happened to my face but i'm sure im not the only one so i think that by sharing my tale hopefully others will share there acne horrors and advice on how to fix them for future acne suffers.

ok, so i'm a university student so every damn day i'm in school because of this fact i've tried very hard to keep my skin clear or atleast decent so that the boys will notice me. i felt a pimple growing on my nose so naturally i tried putting some oils on it for it to hopefully go back down which i rarely but sometimes am lucky to have happen to a pimple. unfortunetly it didn't it grew twice it size the next day. i panicked a drenched it in makeup went to class then ran home and immiediately laced that sucker in raw garlic

at first it burned. but i ignored the pain because as they say pain is beauty. after a couple hours i peeled the garlic off, no change. i was made as hell so i drenched apple cider vinegar on it. no change so i put more garlic on it. it seemed to go down a bit.

so before i went to bed i put some castor oil on it and some tea tree oil, i didn't want it to get burned so i thought some tea tree oil would be a fine little treatment that would attack the pimple but in a soothing oil way

I WAS WORNG!!!! my entire nose became pitch black and scabby the oil and hand run from the original spot and burnt the skin on most of my nose. i screamed! but i had to go to school so i just thru sum makep on it and went. wen i came home i washed the make up off the scab and as i looked in the mirror this hideous scab i got the strong urge to peel it as i attempted i noticed it was harder to peel off then most scabs wld be, but i just wanted to take a little peak underneath. i peeled it slightly but it became a domino effect! all the skin on the top of my nose ripped off! i screamed as my own flesh was torn from my nose with such painful ease!!

Now my nose is blood red! i no longer have skin there right now and while there r parts of skin stilll left most of it is gone and i feel like a hideous freak! im completely ashamed of myself right now. but i couldn't help it. i just can't stand to let my skin look awful and not try and actively fix it some how. so theres my story, im currently lacing it with vitamin e and castor oil but i doubt these thing r going to make much of a diference my face is now going to have one huge scar and its alll my fault.

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i think maybe you should see a dr. like the above post said, if your nose turned black and you took some skin off..it could get infected.

hope it heals up soon!

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Hey i feel your pain man i had a huge as pimple on my nose poped it at the wrong time and starting picking it every time it scabed took of heaps of skin and left a huge dark spot, like HUGE. But now everthing is goin good thanks to my derm who prescribed me neo strata fading gel with 4% hydroquinone and it helped alot just read my old post and hopefully it helps you like it did me


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yeh i picked at a spot above my eyebrow. i broke the skin from the shear pressure of squeezing it. it then took over a week to heal then i went and picked off the scab and so went back to square one.

after another week of slapping sudocrem on it most nights, it finally seems to have healed. but still looks slightly discoloured

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One time I had a huge zit on my cheek that just wouldn't pop no matter what I did.

I ended up putting a hot compress on it b/c I heard it would help all the goop come up to the surface.

Well it did! As soon as I took the hot compress off the zit turned into a blister in front of my eyes and popped all by itself! It was the coolest thing ever!!! A zit that basically popped itself.

That was probably the weirdest thing that ever happened to me lol.

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I picked some pimples, which weren't even ready to begin with (just small red bump) on my cheek once, and they got infected and spread like wildfire. My entire face was covered. It took two weeks of antibiotics and not touching my face to get back to normal. NEVER AGAIN.

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