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are there chrorophyll pills?

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There are, but you'd need to eat an entire jar to match what you'd get in a few ounces of spinach. There is also liquid chlorophyll, which is sold in health food stores. It doesn't taste bad at all. It doesn't really have a taste.

However, the entire bottle of liquid chlorophyll is equal to 2-3 handfuls of spinach.

So, in all practicality, eating fresh spinach is by FAR the cheapest and most practical.

But don't give up! There are many ways to eat lots of spinach without nibbling like a rabbit all day long. Some people are putting it in smoothies. I use it as a dip for guacamole (I wad a handful together into a ball and dip it). One fabulous idea is buying pita pocket bread. In a bowl, mix guacamole, chopped garlic, white pepper and all the spinach you can. Maybe add sliced mushrooms or another veggie if you want variety. Pack it into the pita pocket and microwave it for 10 seconds until it is all warm. That could be one day's worth of spinach if you pack in enough.

Another idea: 100% Coconut juice and handfuls of spinach in a blender. If you prefer a sweeter taste, you could add grapes or a little grape juice. Coconut juice is very high in electrolytes and other nutrients (and was also used as blood in blood transfusions during WW1 when supplies ran low). So it would be a very healthy beverage.

If anyone else has ideas, post them!

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