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I just need to vent.....I've always struggled with acne (sometimes cystic) but was always able to cover up fairly well with makeup. I've been working with a dermatologist over the summer what she thought seemed to be peri-oral/peri-ocular dermatitis that progressed into rosacea. About 2 weeks ago it became very apparent that both of those diagnoses were incorrect and that I was having some sort of severe contact dermatitis. To reduce the severe inflamation/blistering/swelling/dryness I was on a course of prednisone and a steroid ointment. The dermatitis has greatly reduced, but they're unable to test to see what I am allergic to because of widespread acne breakouts all over my face and body due to the medication. (Multiple cysts and large inflamed pimples all over my face/back & chest covered in cysts/pimples) My skin aches because of all the breakouts...it's pretty icky!

The worse part is that because no testing can be done to determine what caused the contact dermatitis no makeup or any kind of skin care products except vanicream (which I think is causing some of the breakouts) until I'm breakout free- and I am absolutely mortified to walk out my door and have anyone see me. I've been nowhere for the last week except to the dermatologists office and don't even want to go out to the store or anything. If I could cover everything up with makeup it wouldn't be so bad...it's so humilating to even to have the mailman see me! I'm hoping the antibiotics the derm gave me kick in ASAP so that the breakouts stop and the ones I have will heal. Right now I have several spots on spots - nothing is healing or getting better.

I hate hiding out, but I hate going out more. This is my worst nightmare...come true! All U want for Christmas is clear skin or to be able to use makeup again!

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I quit wearing makeup about 5 months ago when I realized that daily use was making me break out WAY worse than I was before, which is already horrendous. I am embarrassed, yes, but it will get easier, I promise. It's actually liberating in a way. People saw my acne with the makeup anyway. It was more of an emotional crutch than an actual physical barrier.

Just keep in mind that it will probably hurt like hell to apply the makeup and it would only make it worse. Keeping your skin clean and able to breathe will allow you to heal that much faster!

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This is just me but, if people around you have any decency at all, they won't judge you on having acne. I have some recovering scars/red marks right now, not acne so much, but whenever I see someone with acne that doesn't dare to look at me I always wonder why, because I won't judge anyone based on that (I didn't do it before I ever had acne myself either), but this just might be me like I said.

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