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What's your regimen? Does it work?

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What kind of acne do you have ?

moderate.. i get whiteheads and pustules (mostly on my cheeks)

Hey, I had moderate whiteheads, similar to your situation.

I use ACV as a toner, it really helped with whiteheads, more than BP, I was on BP for a month but didn't do anything to my whiteheads. All organic products from shampoo-hand soap, those helped with back acne b/c my skin isn't aggravated with harsh industrial graded detergents.

I use oil cleansing method more than 3x a week, morning, wipe with ACV (organic ONLY!)

moisturize with jojoba oil & tea tree oil at night.

I have done a lot of research on acne treatment so those work for me.

Good luck!!

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girl! your forgettting that you must use a gentle cleanser! a bp cleanser that your using will only irritate your skin and irritation causes acne...so change that! use a gentle cleanser like purpose gentle cleanser or clean and clear for sensitive skin...and member wash for ten seconds or less...

your also not doing the mouisturizing! for you to be really get clear skin follow the regimen precisely. which means gentle cleanser. benzoyl peroxide. and non comogenic mouisturizer!

write now im using

Dan's Cleanser

Dan's Benzoyl Peroxide

Dan's Mouisturizer

however i have researched alot into the best alternative and less expensive products that work with the regimen and after im done with the cleanser im going to start using Purpose cleanser and might look into a differnet mouisturizer but not sure. I am definetly going to continue using Dan's Bp its excellent quality and best price for the amount!

by the way my skin hasn't look good in forever i love the regimen :) and ofcourse be patient i have had up and downs on the regimen but sticking to it is really paying off! :)

feel free to ask me any questions in a comment to my page..i really hope you have clear skin soon! :)

oh yeah i forgot to mention that at night i add jojoba oil to the mouisturizer! :) luv it too

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