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My personal log - Asian, 26/ Female, using BP

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Hi all,

I've decided to start a personal blog to track the progress of my acne recovery. Christmas is coming up, i really wanna have clear skin by then. I know its 3 weeks from now, but I'll see if it will work!

So brief background: I'm Asian girl, 26 years old, have been living in the US and recently moved back to Asia. Had a job switch (and country switch) recently so my skin has not been too happy with all these changes. Used to have hormonal acne, 1 or 2 flare ups, which can be easily taken care of using PeterThomasRoth's sulfur spot treatment, but its no longer working now. The skin problem started in late Oct, and i've been trying all method (sulfur, dermatologist subscribed differin, doxycycline, birth control). I remember i had success using BP 3 years ago when a similar breakout happened, let see if it will help this time (finger-crossed)!!!

So backtrack a bit:

Nov 26 Started using BP at night, thin layer, then moisturize.

Nov 27 A bit red, a bit itchy, exisitng spots dried up immediately and formed crust (not that good looking...). Applied BP at night. moisturize.

Nov 28 Redder. Flaky. Applied BP at night. moisturize.

Nov 29 Very red, flaky like a snake. Stop BP treatment.

Nov 30 Still red and flaky, stop BP treatment.

Dec 1 Not red anymore, but have little bumps, itchy. Apply BP treatment. Use Jojoba oil with moisturizer. (Back to red face :(

OK will update the blog soon!

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