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Benzaclin Warning

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My name is "Rwink" and I am writing to let you know that Benzaclin might not be the best choice for acne treatment. The reason for this is that it absorbs into the body through the skin. I never used to subscribe to the following idea, but now I am behind it completely: Anything you put on your skin, you should be comfortable with the idea of ingesting. Benzaclin, when absorbed through the skin over a long period of time, can build up as toxins in your organs and also kill off the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract that help keep your system in balance and pave the way for a serious internal Candida (yeast) infection, which can cause way worse acne than you started with. I know this because I have experienced it. It's not that you can't recover, it's that ultimately, your acne may get a lot worse because of the yeast (as I said), and that recovery takes time, like for me it's been eight months since I stopped using prescription topicals and I'm finally clearing up. I will go into more detail about my experiences and recommendations in my blog. My point here is that dermatologists are very unlikely to give you the lowdown on side effects, or the whole picture of health from a perspective that takes your whole body into account. Also, they have conflicted interests, as it were. They are not the people to go to for advice about skin care, in short. They prescribe. And yes, some of the medications will work in the short term and I totally understand using them for that reason. I don't exactly regret using them myself and not having to deal with acne very much throughout college; that was really nice. But knowing what I do NOW, I do believe that most if not all acne can be cured without medical intervention, and I do want my health to extend throughout my whole body and also into the distant future.

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