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advice on buying a chemical peel

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ya i want to buy a tca peel from makeupartistschoice.com. It would be my first time doing a tca peel, i've done 30% glycolic acid before. Instead of going with the starter tca peel i think i'll try 15% as a good compromise. But anyways it seems like they don't include a ph prep solution with their peels, might have to buy it separately and it's like $20 for a 8oz one. Any advice on what i should do? I don't think i need a 8oz ph prep ;\

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i thought a ph prep helped lower the ph level of your skin so the acid could work better. But i guess i'm wrong on this? I wonder if acv could work in a similar manner.

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i don't care about having an expert title ;o I just want to make sure i get results. I always thought a ph prep played a big role. Hmmm going to try and search and see if this question has been answered. Although you said you never used one so hmmm, maybe it just gives a tiny boost to your results.

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I use this stuff, it's great.. I highly recommend it! Just be sure to follow instructions carefully.31Ivc7adHXL._SS500_.jpg

It can be purchased on amazon, just search amazon glycolic peel 35%...

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i used the tca 15% peel on face for 5 minutes last saturday. And so far all i notice is my face looks a bit more red, and that's it. Haven't noticed any peeling or anything. The last peel i used was like 30% glycolic acid like 2-3 years ago. Only recently been using aqua glycolic which i stopped like 5-7 days ago. Anyways is there a good chance i'll notice some peeling soon, or is my face just going to look extra red for a bit? I hope my skin isn't so tough that i'll have to use a higher strength tca. Or maybe i didn't leave it on long enough to see any frosting or whatever.

Btw they mentioned to use neosporin to give the skin moisture, and reduce itching but i don't notice any itching whatsoever, and do i have to use neosporin or could i use aloe vera gel? Also i used the green tea cleansing bar before applying the peel. Was that bad? Aren't soaps like a base ph? I was just trying to follow the instructions though. Also they said the glycolic acid would prime the skin for the tca peel but i don't know, sounds like it'd make the skin more resistant to a peel. Can anyone shed any light on this stuff? Thanks a lot

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anyone know anything about this? It's tuesday (3 days) and i still haven't noticed any peeling. Info that came with the package said could take 3-4 days, so i guess it could be tomorrow still. But so far i don't feel like any skin will peel off. Btw i think it said i can't use any other medications on my skin for 2 weeks after the peel, is that true? Could i use aloe vera or bp?

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