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I don't know if this is the right area for this but I'm going to give an overview of my skin in hopes that I can get some advice on how to finally stop my acne after suffering for six years.

Here's how I treat my skin:

Two times a day (morning and night) I take Bactrim orally, it's a prescription from the derm.

I also put on two times a day a 10% Benyzol Peroxide cream i found at the store.

That simple stuff seemed to be working so well but I broke out again recently.

My problem areas are: my cheeks, between the eyebrows, above the lip, and forehead (basically everywhere lol)

I think it might be related to my scalp because I just realized that the cause of my dandruff on my head (which started about the same time as my acne) is these small flat red spots that itch under my hair...I don't know if they're related to my acne?

This is just frustrating because I haven't been truly clear since I was about 14 and now I'm 20 and nobody my age has acne like I do. It makes me self conscious.

Also, I've been approached by modeling agents who say I should get into modeling, which I want to, but I really want to clear up my skin first.

(Here are my pictures but I don't know if they properly show my acne. If you need others just ask, my camera uploads really quick so it's no problem)







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Try avoiding to think about it much. There isn't anything bad on your face besides some blemishes which don't seem too bad. Modelling agencies will use Photoshop ecc. to hide everything, in fact they cover even those who have perfect skin (see Megan Fox) -

The bumps on your scalp might be folliculitis. You might want to get checked by a doctor.

By the way I just noticed that you look hella younger than 20!!!

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