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So about a month ago, I opted to add AHA into my regimen. I purchased the Alpha Hydrox Creme and the Foaming Face Wash (which is by far the most awesome face wash I've ever used).

I've used alpha hydroxy acid before and my skin had no problems with it. I spot tested anyway, had no problems, and went ahead and started applying it BEFORE BP day and night as instructed by the company and a dermatologist that I called up. For about a week, my skin became a lot softer and the flakes around my nose vanished. I did get a couple of smaller bumps and I assumed it was because of the whole purging thing. Then, I started noticing a lot of clogged pores and more zits popping up. The past few days have been hell on my skin. I went from maybe 2 small, barely noticeable bumps, to a good 13-14 bumps, albeit, some are small and kind of flat, easily covered with concealer, but still there. It's been a slow, steady climb in acne in the three weeks I've been using the cream. Actually, I didn't use it yesterday, and just used my BP and already, it's diminishing.

I figured this could be caused by two things:

1. I bought the cream, not the gel. Some people have success with the cream, but the site recommends the gel for problematic skin. (I bought the cream because it was cheaper for the value)

2. I'm in an extended purge. I've never had a bad purge so I'm not sure if this is what it's like or not.

Also, I think I'll start using it as recommended by acne.org - AHA AFTER the BP.

I was considering purchasing a new AHA, either the Alpha Hydrox Gel or Dan's AHA. I like the ingredients in the gel more, but I like the price of Dan's. Which would be the better buy? I know tons of people love Dan's, but a lot of people have also never had experience with both, so if anybody has any advice on either/or and preferably, both, it would be much appreciated! Also, should I keep using the cream, or just sit it aside and use a different product?

Advice on the following would be most helpful:

1. Consistency

2. Effectiveness

3. The Purging Process

4. Which one is more/less irritating

5. Frequency of Use

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