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Mari's Log

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Ok so after lurking around this site as a guest for a couple of months, I finally decided to register and now make my own personal log :) I'm really excited/nervous about how this will turn out, but I'm ready to take the plunge!

A little background info on my skin issues:

Simply put, I don't naturally have acne... I just "create" it on my own. I'm a skin picker (mostly on my face/back), so I self-induce my breakouts by irritating, rubbing, overwashing, squeezing, overanalyzing and scratching my face. :redface:

My face is slightly oily and sensitive, but nothing too extreme. Again, that may also be caused by the fact that I pick at it so much. Anyways, I've had clear skin pretty much my whole life. I did have some issues when I first hit puberty with face acne, then I had light back acne for a while and then some face acne again during the beginning of my senior year because of my horrible eating habits, stress and an infection I got on my cheeks because I picked a pimple so much it literally spread like wildfire all over the place.

Now I'm in my second year of college, and for the past couple of months I've found myself obsessing over my face again. I've had some relationship issues and stress from school, so my picking has started again. Last week I popped two pimples on my right cheek (PMS zits), and now my face looks almost as bad as it did when I infected it back in senior year.

I know my biggest issue is the skin picking, but I only pick when I breakout. So I'm trying to both fix the physical cause of my picking (breakouts) and the emotional cause (anxiety).


So enough babbling, this is what I'm doing:

- First and foremost, I'm using this log to keep track of everything. I'm treating it as a personal diary (except for the part you will all be able to read it, haha), so nothing will be kept a secret.

- My diet is overall pretty healthy, but I have decided to cut back on eating nuts (I was eating about 2-4 ounces a DAY), and also reduce my consumption of dairy. I'm just testing this out. Also, I drink green tea every morning and aloe vera tea every night. I was putting pure aloe vera gel from the leaves on my face at night, but I stopped because I didn't use to do that before.

- I was taking a multi-vitamin, biotin, vitamin a, vitamin e, vitamin b complex, fish oil and zinc everday, but I decided to just go back to my good old regular multi-vitamin I was taking back when I didn't break out so much. This may seem like it's not affecting me, but right now all I want is to go back to what I was doing before I had this problem.

- Right now I'm taking Minocycline 100mg a day. This was the antibiotic my derm gave me back in senior year to kill of my face infection... and since I pretty much have the same thing now after last week's pick fest, I'm taking it again.

- I'm trying to find healthy ways to treat my anxiety, so I'm starting to walk around my neighborhood, read more books, make art and crafts, and just stuff like that. The majority of my anxiety comes from boredom and loneliness, so I'm also trying to socialize/go out more because when I'm out of my house I'm not picking.

- I used to suffer from an eating disorder, which was just another way of dealing with my anxiety. Now instead of manifesting my stress by abusing food, I'm abusing my skin. I'm going to a counselor to deal with these problems, so hopefully that will help me chill out.

- Makeup wise, I use Physicians Formula talc-free powder foundation and blush, because I can't use anything with glitter/sparkle. I was using Aveeno's tinted moisturizer, but I've stopped. I wash my makeup brushes 3 times a week.

- I'm a big fan of the Aveeno skin care line, because when I first stared using ONLY the gentle cleanser my face was doign great. Of course, being the compulsive person I am, I wanted more than just a cleanser. So I began using a scrub with salicylic acid to exfoliate and applying benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, toothpaste, and even baking soda! :confused: Yeah, I screwed up my face. So now, I'm back to my nice little cleanser regular moisturizer.. NOTHING ELSE.

Overall, I'm just trying to have a positve relationship with my skin and be able to accept my occasional pesky pimple without panicking over it. ;)

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