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Hello everybody, I'm getting accutane finally on Wednesday and I have a few questions for you experts.


1)I weigh 130Lb and I have serve acne, what will/should my dose be and how long will it take?(15yrs old, 16 dec,15,09)

2)Will accutane get rid of blackheads?

3)Will accutane get rid of some minor scars caused from acne?

4)What type of lip balm should I use? (I live in Canada)

5)What type of moisturizer should I use( I live in canada)

6)I heard accutane basically trys ur skin up and brings the acne to the top of your skin and it goes away, does this mean I need to pop my zits or do I just leave them?


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1) It depends. You'll probably start out at a lower dose. I'm 100 lbs and starting Accutane for a second time at 40mg but on my first course 5 years ago I was started at 20mg.

2) Accutane 100% cleared me of blackheads. I took Accutane first in 2005 btw.

3) No, those scars will heal on their own once Accutane is out of your system. I had very severe red marks during Accutane but they were gone by one month post-Accutane.

4) I like Rosebud Strawberry lip balm. I got it for around $8 at Sephora and I still have the tin I used back in 2005.

5) I use Dove Senistive Skin Day Lotion (lotion not the cream). I've only found it at Shoppers Drug Mart and not seen it at Wal-Mart, Loblaws etc.

6) Don't pop them! Just let you skin be. It will be bad for awhile but the results are worth it. I'm only going on it a second time because it didn't permanently clear my left cheek whereas the rest of my body I never get acne (I used to get it everywhere).

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