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alcohol+accutane=THAT big a deal?

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ive been on accutane almost two months. i drank the first month. not super heavily, but i am a college kid, so i did have some weekends where i most definitely got drunk. i got my bloodwork done on a day i was pretty hungover and everything came back "great" according to my derm. so...does this mean that its pretty much okay to have a little fun every once in a while? or does the liver damage build up or something?

i dont want any super paranoid answers that will freak me the hell out... i just want to know if its reasonable logic to assume i can continue drinking the way i normally do after having my bloodwork come back fine.

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Wow, taking a serious drug like Accutane and drinking? My doctor gave me specific orders not to consume alcohol as it loses the effect of the drug and causes serve liver damage.

But, be my guest. I got off this drug in a week.

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i have drank a few times (in excess) on accutane and my results have always come back fine. Several derms and doctors I have spoken to do not think it is a horrible idea to drink on accutane. They are, of course, a bit weary because it could potentially cause problems, but there is nothing conclusive. My logic is that the liver can regenerate itself. If this did damage to my heart or my lungs, that would be completely different, but your liver can recover, and it does, after accutane. I don't see a problem in drinking while on accutane.

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Perhaps consult the little leaflet that comes with the box of accutane. I just checked mine and it says nothing about alcohol. I would have thought if it was a problem, they would have to cover their arses and include it in the leaflet. But as far as doing damage, binge drinking always causes damage, but you know that.

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Im in college and I drink all the time. I try to take accutane in the mornings on friday and saturdays but ive taken accutane within a few hours of drinking. Im on my last month and all of my bloodwork has been fine so dont be concerned. I did not drink 3 days before my bloodwork though.

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