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Dry winter skin, need a GREAT lotion

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Hi guys,

New here, but not new to the troubled skin club. Every winter it seems as though my usual lotion loses power and I get very dry and tight (yet still quite oily) skin.

My regimen hasn't changed (clearasil stayclear sensitive wash 2x day with very little bp and lotion to follow..), yet recently in the change of season my skin has gotten to the point of being too dry.

Used to use Olay complete sensitive, but since the formulation change, the generics have proven useless.

I'm 23 male, keep a small stubble, and looking for an excellent, non-greasy moisturizer for winter. SPF unnecessary; i'm a medical student, i don't see the sun anyways.

Recommendations? Thanks so much for your help.

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Cetaphil! it feels thick at first but after awhile your skin gets use to it. This is really good for dry skin. Or try adding jojoba oil to your mosturizer. I have not personally used it, iam a little scared, but i know a lot of people who love this. They recommend 3-6 drops at night mixed in your mosturizer.

And where are you attending medical shool?I was going to apply, and even did the whole mcat class and everything but i dont think i can handle the stress, so iam gonna try for optometry school in another year since i need to take 3 classes i never took before to get in.

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I normally use Complex 15, but when my skin gets REALLY parched (thanks a lot Father Winter) I go for the Curel Fragrance Free Formula. It really helps my skin feel A LOT better and it NEVER makes it feel greasy afterward.

And personally, I hate Cetaphil with an undying passion - the whole product line. Cetaphil may work semi-okay as a moisturizer, but it made my skin feel insanely greasy. It gave me an oil slick that never went away. I also noticed it caused me to break out, too. I used to originally use the stuff, but I always felt greasy (probably because of the macadamia nut oil in it) and would always break out. When I switched over to Complex 15 completely solely because I couldn't stand the greasy feel of Cetaphil, my skin stopped breaking out - and my skin gets dry often, even before I started using BP. Cetaphil - evil stuff.

I would say try Complex 15 first. It's a little thin, but if your skin doesn't feel like it's about to fall off it works pretty well. You'd be surprised how moisturizing such a thin lotion can be. If that doesn't work, go for the Curel. It's dermatologist tested and even says it's safe to use on your face and it's really potent stuff without the greasy feel.

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I agree that Complex 15 lotion is the best moisturizer out there. I had the same problems with the Cetaphil moisturizer, made my face red and sweaty feeling. I'm also amazed that Cetaphil says their moisturizer is oil free and hypoallergenic when one of it's ingredients is macadamia nut oil. For a company like Galderma to put nut oil in their moisturizer that could cause nut allergies is irresponsible.

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I like Cerave Lotion

I'll second this. The winters where i live are brutally dry, and i went through a dozen moisturizers before I found one that could keep up with the cold. CeraVe is fantastic, not heavy or greasy and doesn't clog my pores at all.

Cetaphil made a mess of my skin, both the cleanser and the moisturizer, I'd stay away from it as it seems quite a few people have had the same reaction.

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