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does anyone tan on retin-a

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I know your not suppose to but i was wondering if anyone tans while using retin-a. Im sure it varies on the individual on how sensitive your skin becomes but in winter months i use a tanning booth once a week for 10/15 minutes to keep a lil color also improves my mood. My overall complexion looks so much better with some color. Or does anyone use sunless tanners or if your able to on retin-a.

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I tan once a week because I like the glow and it relaxes me. However I did buy a UV blocking mask to cover my face. Tanning your face while on Retin A is not a good idea.

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I use a sun lamp approx. 30 min a day. It doesn't add color to my skin, but it has that relaxing effect that a tanning booth or exposure to strong sunlight has. It hasn't irritated my skin. I don't know about going tanning, though, haven't tried that on retin-a.

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I have tanned in tanning beds while on differin. No accute symptoms but it sure isn't good for you in the long run. Of course, tanning at all is harmful. There isn't really something as a healthy tan, all tans are due to skin damage. However, differin or any other tretinoin product will make it harder for you to create a tan. The product will pretty fast shed off any tanned skin.

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