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30 and now I have "acne"?

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I dunno if anyone has any thoughts, it would be appreciated.

I had excellent skin pretty much my whole life. I could wash my face with just plain water and rarely every have the occasional white head....then it started.

Age 30, i had a few small nodules around my eye/upper cheek. Nothing bad. Then i had a few bumps on my left eye lid...weird. Then some right between my eyebrows. Then some on my cheeks. Then alot on my cheeks and some on my chin. The same lesions have been there for 6 months without going away. Occasionally some will drain clear serous fluid. Some of them have a white almost chalky like product if i really push them hard. I have small bumps...then occasionally have large firm cysts.

I tried doxy for a month - nothing.

I've been on Accutane for 2 months - no real change. I think i still get some new cysts.

Had steroid injections in about 6 of them - no effect.

I've been diagnoses with nodulocystic acne... but acne on my eyelids? just doesn't seem right. Why is it that I never had acne from age 16 tilll 30 and now have it?

I guess i'm gonna get a biopsy but on my face it really worries me.....

Any thoughts would be appreciative.

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Any change in your diet? or are you major stressing? That is kind of weird to get acne so suddenly in early 30s. But your on Accutane so hopefully 3rd/4th month will work for you. Good luck.

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