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How many people here 25+ who have had acne since their teens?

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Just wondering....

And do you feel it has impeded your progress in life?

i,e do you feel that you are not where you should be by this time in your life and do you blame acne as the root cause of this?

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Its just taken me forever to finish school. I just hate going to school with acne. I hate it. But luckily I finally became clear this year. Im 25 still not done. Junior :) lol. If all the time I put into my acne I put into school id be a doctor. Luckily im paying cash so its not too bad. No rush. But id like to be done by 30 :ninja:

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well, i'm 37 and it's not stopped me doing what i've wanted to do, but it has made it more difficult.

I guess I do think of it as a disadvantage, and hence, when the derm wasn't initially willing to put me on roaccuatane again i had no qualms in saying 'do you realise what distress this causes still having acne at 37', so underneath I guess you're right.


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I'm 25 and have had acne since 14. Acne has definitely held me back from doing what I've really wanted to do. I still live at home, am single, and make around $35k/year. This is not exactly where I saw myself being when I was starting off college in my teens.

It's so hard to just forget about the acne and try to get ahead in life. I need a break!!


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25 and dealing with acne since the age of 13... kills me when I think of the time and money I have spent on my skin. My friends refer to me as 'the dermatologist' because I have been through it all... I feel like I should have a license to practice by now- haha. It hasnt stopped me from doing what I want for the most part- but I can say I am late to just about everything while I try to cover my imperfections... and I am constantly looking into the mirror to be sure my skin tone is still 'even'. Those with good skin have no idea how lucky they are.

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I suppose if it hadn't been for the acne I'd have spent much more time partying and enjoying the more frivolous pleasures of life and much less time reading books. I'm in my early 30s now and close to finishing my Ph.D., which is on poetry. I think I'd be a different person if I had no acne. I wanted to go into acting for a while, and I really got into dancing at some stage. I would have pursued these things more seriously if it hadn't been for my skin. And I think it would have been easier to let people get close to me, not just physically, if I had not had acne. Having said this, for about 10 years, 18-27, I was clear, and I still didn't let many people get close to me.

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