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Most embarrassing that happened to you in relation to acne

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Haha okay this was kind of my fault but still sucked.

When I first started using Azelex i also played soccer at the time. And 2 hours before the game started I put it on. And during half time after 45 minutes of running and sweating my teammates asked me why there was white stuff dripping down my face. Haha that sucked so bad.

Now I leave plenty of time for the Azelex to dry

Whats your most embarrassing occurance? Just related to acne in general

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Few months back i put Vita K for my the red marks left by acne and apparently put a whole lot of it on my face and didnt rub it in quite well, and went to back to school night since some of my friends decided to make fun of each other and one of my good friends said "hey j you forgot to wipe the jizz mark your dad left on your face" pretty embarassing cause not only was my dad in the room(thank god he never heard what my friend said) and once he turned around to talk to me he then said "wipe that stuff off your face" gotta admit it was pretty well delivered and honestly i was pissed back then but now i look back at it and laugh soo funny forgot to give him due on that joke.

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