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oily t-zone help!!

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hi guys, i just joined acne.org today. i have an oily nose and forehead, i have the occasional acne but nothing severe or re-occurring. i have tried many products to get my oil under control such as clearasil ultra daily face wash, Neutrogena Oil-Control Foaming Cleanser Rapid Clear, apricot scrub. all of these products work for 2-3 hrs and then my skin is oily again, sometimes oiler than before. what would you recommend for a daily routine? do i need a face wash everyday?

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i have an oily nose and forehead, so if i am just washing my face with water, should i wash with hot, warm or cold water? does it matter? which one is better for oil control?

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I don't think it would make too much of a difference but some people have other opinions. I would just stick to normal, luke warm water. Too hot or too cold might irritate your skin.
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A product that helps me is bye bye blemish clarifying gel, it does slightly clarify (altho not enough for my skin!Iv only been using it for about two weeks so maybe ill start to see a difference soon, fingers crossed) but it is specially made for oily skin, it tends to keep my skin free from shine for hours.hope this helps!

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