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Hey I was thinking about purchasing the clearskin professional range from Avon, has anyone tried it?If so did it work?

It seems like a good option for me as im allergic to benzoyl peroxide :(

please suggest any other products that you recommend too!thanks

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Honestly, I'm skeptical because any sort of products like this just seem to be the same...very few magical results.

Looking at the ingredients, it might not be too bad. It seems to have some aloe and witch hazel. Some people find that helpful. It also has some wheat germ extract which is full of vitamins and minerals.

It has fragrance in it and I don't trust that very much. Some added smells can be irritating.

So, it's worth a try for you but I certainly wouldn't expect amazing change with this.

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thanks for ur response!

your probably right...im not sure whether its worth giving it a chance or not to be honest, it will probably result in another disapointing product. how does the dermalogica clearing booster gel work for you?iv heard good things about that but its very expensive

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The Clearing Booster is pretty pricey but you only need a TIIIINY bit. So it lasts forever and you get what you paid for. Out of a lot of the spot treatments, it's one of my favorites because it does seem to work pretty well. However, it's most likely the only product from Dermalogica that contains Benzoyl Peroxide, so it wouldn't it good if you're allergic.

It must be really hard finding spot treatments that don't have BP in it. Maybe the Avon one would be worth a shot for you if you're allergic!

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